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Maxwell Finn

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Social Media Sales Authority and Serial Entrepreneur Maxwell Finn knows the secret of getting more online exposure

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Speaker Maxwell Finn is the ultimate social media sales expert. As a serial entrepreneur, he raised millions of dollars in VC funding and helped hundreds of businesses to sell through paid advertising. Currently, Maxwell works with top companies to leverage the power of Facebook Ads and increase their customer acquisition. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, organizations like 3M and Sam’s Club get outstanding results with Max’s up-to-the-minute strategies.

Why you should book speaker Maxwell Finn

  • Max is an established professional of social media sales since the early days, knowing all the ins and outs of online marketing. He can help your organization to achieve the results you always dreamed of.
  • As a serial entrepreneur, he is involved in creating more than ten startups and taking them to the top. With his great expertise in business, Max can show you and your company how to close more sales.

Entrepreneurship runs in Max’s family. Inspired by his dad and grandfather, speaker Maxwell Finn started an event promotion company in his freshman year: it turned out to be a great success as Max reached a huge crowd through search optimization – and a new thing called social media marketing. Even at that early stage of social media, Max already could see the opportunities it could offer for businesses.

Max is an incredibly experienced entrepreneur. By being involved in more than ten startups and consulting a multitude of businesses all over the world, he knows the way to success. His passion and great expertise for social media platforms like Facebook and digital marketing channels have earned him a reputation of being the ultimate expert of social media sales. His e-commerce brand Startup Drugz went from 0-$100,000 in sales in less than 4 months and hit the $500k rate in just 6 months – all achieved with Facebook and email marketing.

As a speaker Maxwell Finn works with top global businesses and gets solid results through paid advertising efforts. Companies like 3M, Rival Media and Sam’s Club have all gotten immense results directly from Max’s online marketing strategies. His passionate and informative presentations are highly sought after all over the world: from Bangkok to the US, crowds are eager to learn from his Facebook successes.

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Keynote by speaker Maxwell Finn

How To Scale To 8 Figures And Beyond With Advanced Facebook Ad Funnels

  • These days, you must know the latest Facebook Ads strategies to be able to increase sales. Speaker Maxwell Finn offers this keynote to tell you his top Zero Fluff Customer Acquisition Strategies and take your organization to the top.
  • In this presentation, Max is teaching you the Most up-to-the-minute Facebook Ads Tactics for great success. In fact, he used these exact strategies to create multiple 8 figure campaigns in the last year alone.
Keynote by speaker Maxwell Finn

Triple Threat Retargeting Method: Bulking AOV & LTV to Outbid and Outlast your Competitors

  • Facebook changes all the time – making it more and more challenging for advertisers. If you are like most advertisers, your primary focus is Return on Advertising Spend and cost per conversion for the first sale. Is there a better metric, though?
  • Successful brands and advertisers are focused on Customer Lifetime Value. If you want profitable Facebook ads and rising CPAs, then this keynote is for you. Speaker Maxwell Finn is showing you the blueprint for maximizing conversion rates, increasing average order value and turning your first-time clients into loyal repeat customers.
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See keynotes with Maxwell Finn
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