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Digital Visionary & Marketing Trailblazer

Shama Hyder

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Shama Hyder - recognized by Forbes and Inc. Magazine. Elevate your marketing strategy with her insights and expertise.

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Unlock Digital Success with Shama Hyder: Visionary strategist, bestselling author, and acclaimed CEO of Zen Media. Named 'Zen Master of Marketing' and 'Millennial Master of the Universe.' Delivering keynotes worldwide for top brands, she drives real results. Elevate your brand with her expertise.

Why you should book speaker Shama Hyder

  • Her recognition at the White House and United Nations showcases Shama’s status as a top young entrepreneur, bringing her wealth of knowledge to your event.
  • Her track record with renowned clients like Chase Business, The US Navy, and MaryKay demonstrates her capacity to transform diverse brands and industries.
  • Shama offers invaluable insights into navigating the digital landscape, equipping your organization with proven strategies to thrive in the digital age.

In the fast-paced world of business, navigating the digital landscape can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s like trying to find that one specific piece of information in the vast sea of the internet – overwhelming, daunting, and seemingly impossible. This is precisely where Keynote Speaker Shama Hyder steps in, your beacon of clarity in the digital chaos.

Shama Hyder is not just a motivational speaker; she is a digital visionary, a trailblazer who transforms the seemingly insurmountable challenges of the digital age into manageable, actionable insights. Imagine this: You’re standing at a busy crossroads, pondering the best path forward for your organization. It’s at this critical juncture that Shama’s expertise becomes your North Star, guiding you through the maze of social media, influencer marketing, and digital storytelling.

Booking Shama Hyder for your event isn’t just a choice; it’s an investment in unlocking the full potential of your organization. She brings a wealth of experience, having been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Entrepreneur Magazine and FastCompany.com, respectively. Shama’s impressive track record includes being honored at the White House and the United Nations as one of the country’s top 100 young entrepreneurs.

Shama Hyder’s keynotes are like treasure maps in the digital jungle, leading you to the marketing goldmine. Her bestselling books, including “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” and “Momentum,” are your guides to success. Whether you’re a B2B giant or an emerging startup, Shama tailors her insights to your unique needs, providing you with actionable strategies that yield real-world results.

In a world where digital prowess is paramount, Book Shama Hyder for your event to equip your organization with the tools and strategies needed to not only survive but thrive. Let her illuminate the path forward, making the complex simple and the chaotic organized. Elevate your organization’s digital presence and relevance with Shama Hyder, a name synonymous with digital mastery.

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Keynote by speaker Shama Hyder

What the Tech?! How to Lead and Succeed in a Rapidly-Evolving Digital World

The world is moving too fast. Faster than you can keep up. You have to stay relevant… but you can’t when you don’t know where to spend your time and where NOT to spend your time.

This keynote is the answer to the most pressing question every leader has to answer today: What are we doing about “insert new thing here?”

In this upbeat keynote, Shama Hyder combines ancient history, pop-culture, and modern-day case studies to help leaders successfully navigate current challenges such as the digital landscape, remote work, and the impact of AI.

Think of this keynote as your secret sauce for staying cool and winning big in this crazy-fast, ever-changing digital world. It's full of smart tactics on how to ride the wave of change and use it to succeed.

This isn't just about learning new tricks, though. It’s about rethinking how you choose where to focus, and really nailing how to use technology to connect – and to lead.

Shama also shares her proprietary C.A.L.M. Opportunity Framework that can be applied to any new task. It’s like a compass for leaders to figure out their best play in this digital game.

Customized and personalized for each audience, key points in this program might include:

  • Digital currents at play in today’s world.
  • Five must-know truths for any leader aiming to lead, communicate, and stay ahead.
  • Understand the real power of AI in business and your day-to-day life.
  • Learn the C.A.L.M. Opportunity Framework and how to use it as a compass for leading your teams.
  • Enjoy a good laugh while learning from custom-tailored, super relevant (and often funny) examples and case studies.
Keynote by speaker Shama Hyder

Momentum: How to 10X Your Business and Brand in the Virtual Age

Whether you’re big or small, B2B or B2C, today’s digital landscape is constantly changing — and news travels at the speed of a tweet. There is a cacophony of platforms, messages, and choices, making it difficult to create the momentum you need to compete in today’s noisy marketplace.

How do you consistently engage your audience? How do you figure out the “HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY” in a way that aligns with your goals? How do you become known as a trusted, market leader?

Marketing in today’s digital age has become overwhelmingly complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

Based on the principles from Shama’s bestselling book, this keynote provides the steps required to 10x your brand and business.

Key points in this program:

  • How to 10X your ROI by making small tweaks.
  • Key principles to transform your current approach into an effective, struggle-free, ROI-driven strategy.
  • What exactly to stop doing that’s wasting your resources – and where to focus instead.
  • How to reach a greater audience than ever before with half the effort.
  • Attract more customers, increase referrals, and be recognized as a leader in your field.
Keynote by speaker Shama Hyder

Close Before You Convince: How to Sell in the Digital Age

When it comes to digital selling, there’s a massive shift happening: a vast majority of consumers are making a buying decision before they ever contact a salesperson.

Furthermore, today’s research shows that digital self-serve and remote rep interactions are likely to be the dominant elements of any sales process moving forward.

Here’s the reality: the majority of buyers today have already decided which company they want to do business with before they ever speak to a salesperson. This means that before they ever reach out or connect with you, prospects already have formed a solid impression of your company.

Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of any business, and there’s still tremendous opportunity to capture new clients. (After this keynote, you will never sell the same way again!).

Key points in this program:

  • The three things that will out-perform your competition every time.
  • Why loyalty is a lie and what you should focus on instead.
  • The great data delusion and how it’s keeping you from success.
  • A key strategy that will increase traffic, leads, and sales.
  • How to leverage video content to connect with customers, land referrals, and close new deals.
  • Lower cost per acquisition and cut your sales cycle in half, all while learning the metric that matters more than ROI.
Keynote by speaker Shama Hyder

The Future of Business: Understanding Trends Today That Will Help You Win Tomorrow

The modern buyer has drastically changed. Add to this the avalanche of technology, customer expectations, and dark social, and you have a brand-new business ecosystem.

How do you become a market leader when you don't control the outcome or the process?

This is your chance to understand how the future of business is evolving, and how it will impact how you communicate, sell, engage, and grow.

Armed with this new understanding, your organization will be well-poised to embrace this brave new world.

Key points in this program:

  • Discover the trifecta that has changed business forever.
  • Understand how evolving customer expectations have changed the playing field.
  • Learn how technology (automation, AI, social networks, etc.) will change the landscape of business and communications.
  • Uncover how your competitive landscape is dramatically different than you thought.
  • Discover innovative tools you had no idea existed, and case studies of brands utilizing them successfully.
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You kicked off our summer setting a high standard for our series. From a quantitative perspective you were a hit with nearly 100% rating the event excellent. From a qualitative perspective there were comments such as: great topic and very valuable and interesting real world example of how social media is being used.

Lisa Danzer

President of ATW

We were honored to have you grace our stage at the Inc GrowCo Conference. Your session was one of the highest rated of the conference. In fact, one of our attendees called it “by far the most informative session of the conference”! Thanks again for delivering great value to our audience.

Eric Schurenberg

President and Editor-in-Chief Inc. Media

Shama was the highlight of our event as the closing keynote speaker. She understood our audience and delivered great value. Not only that, she’s smart, clearly spoken, professional, funny, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Pete Cappa

Event Producer, Prudential

Shama is a true pro. She gave the keynote at our agency kick-off event this year exceeding our (already high) expectations with a fully tailored address coupled with her team player attitude. She's a joy to work with and we highly recommend her."

Paul Stankevich

Provokers Latin America
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