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Corey Perlman

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Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert

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Bestselling author and influential speaker Corey Perlman guides businesses in achieving success through digital marketing. He implements well-tested and current social media strategies for excellence. Close to a decade of keynote speaking he has produced a great list of highly satisfied clients.

Why You Should Book Speaker Corey Perlman

  • He’s dedicated! Outside of his invigorating keynote conversations, Perlman also is fully invested into his own digital corporation Impact Social Inc.  Here he has highly skilled specialist that manage your social media accounts for reliable, constructive feedback.  In many areas, Corey gives you the fundamentals in driving success through social media!
  • He’s experienced! Two best seller books, a decade of digital marketing experience and his own digital company, speaker Corey is well suited to help maintain and drive your companies success!
  • He’s adaptable! Corey’s long list of satisfied clients undeniably proves his passion and success.  Corey specifically delivers engaging and interactive talks tailored to serve your companies individual needs!

Bestselling author and top-rated speaker Corey Perlman helps businesses succeed through digital marketing. He teaches well-tested and current social media strategies. Close to a decade of keynote speaking has produced a long list of extremely satisfied clients. Corey Perlman is a speaker, consultant and nationally recognized social media expert. As the owner of Impact Social Inc speaker Corey Perlman is at the forefront of digital marketing. There he leads a team of remarkably-skilled digital marketing specialists who manage the social media accounts for over 40 companies.

Corey Providing Results:

Keynote speaker Corey Perlman delivers results with his engaging talks. He is continually rated as a top speaker by companies big and small. He is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and a Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations Graduate.

His talks are interactive – there’s never a dull moment – and always tailored to serve his client’s individual needs. Some of his clients include Sysco Foods, Dale Carnegie, KTM Motorcycles, and Medical Solutions.  Corey always arrives a day early and won’t leave until every question has been clearly answered. He’s committed to being the easiest speaker you’ll ever work with.

When hes not working, Corey loves singing Jimmy Buffett lullabies to his young son and trying to overtake his adolescent daughter for the most Instagram followers.

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Keynote by Speaker Corey Perlman

Social Selling:  Turning prospects into customers and customers into your digital salesforce

  • The digital sales process (Generate leads, Build Credibility, Stay Top of Mind, Close the Sale, Earn Repeat Business)
  • Which platforms to focus on at each point in the sales cycle
  • The types of content to create at each step in the process
  • How to measure the success of your new digital sales strategy
Keynote by Speaker Corey Perlman

The Daily Post: Content Creation Strategies that Win Attention, Fuel Engagement and Drive Results.

A step-by-step strategy to efficiently and effectively post compelling content to your social networks on a daily basis. Stay ‘top of mind’ with your clients and prospects month in and month out without frustrating our annoying them.

  • A list of content categories for each day of the week  
  • The proper mix of images, video and written content
  • How to turn one article or video into a week’s worth of content
  • Best practices for curating content from outside sources
  • Do’s and Don’ts when deploying a daily posting strategy
Keynote by Speaker Corey Perlman

Avoid Social Media Overload! 5 Ways to Simplify Your Strategy & Maximize Results!

  • Fish where the fish are: Prioritize the sites you focus on.
  • LinkedIn’s New User-interface and using it as a Sales & Prospecting Tool.
  • The New Rules of Using Facebook as a Business tool.
  • Engagement Strategies for Targeting Millennials on Instagram
  • Content Marketing: Creating content that’s engaging and drives results.
Keynote by Speaker Corey Perlman

Authentically Social

  • In this thought provoking presentation, Corey will challenge your audience.  Corey shares examples of how businesses are creating a real connection with their audience resulting in a loyal and trusted tribe.
  • Putting culture, community and connection at the core of your digital strategy.
Keynote by Speaker Corey Perlman

Social Selling

  • Does social media sales tool work for you? In this keynote Corey unpacks the sales process and motivates your team with step-by-step process for winning business on social media
  • He shares his own personal testimonies and how his successful clients generates leads, build credibility, close sales and turn happy customers into repeat business and referral partners


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    “Corey exceeded my expectations at our workshop. My customers that attended were excited about the business opportunities that social media presents. Anyone in the restaurant business today needs to hear Corey’s presentation and apply his recommendations.”

    Gary Heath,

    “Corey spoke to our clients. His insights were great and I love it when very knowledgeable people are busy taking notes! Also when people stayed after to ask questions and engage with him demonstrated the value he provided even more. He was easy to work with and delivered a ton of value to us and our clients. The feedback on him was strong and people wanted to know when he'll return. I'd hire him again and get a bigger room!”

    Sharon Fanto - Vice President

    Cox Media

    “On behalf of KTM North America, Inc, I can truly say we were honored to have Corey Perlman speak in front of our North American dealers at our most recent convention. It was the first time our company brought in a social media expert and the attendance and audience feedback was well received. Corey designed his presentation to our market and made sure every item was easily understood among each of our dealers. Many of the dealers have already begun implementing changes on their websites and social media platforms and we have received many compliments on this portion of our show. We are grateful to Corey and the eBoot Camp team for their effort.”

    Christy LaCurelle, Sport Marketing Manager

    KTM North America Dealer

    “Simply outstanding. Corey Perlman recently spoke at VSAE and provided an excellent overview of social media objectives and a tremendous amount of guidance and tools to make our systems work more effectively. Probably the most effective presentation I can remember. Now I have a manageable “to-do” list to make our organization more effective.”

    Bob Bradshaw

    Independence Insurance Agents of Virgina

    Interview with Corey Perlman


    What got you interested in digital marketing?
    I started my career with the eCommerce division of General Motors. We were tasked with helping their car dealers understand the value of the web and how to use it to help sell cars. I loved helping businesses understand the value of the web. Although much has changed, I still enjoy helping businesses see real results from their digital marketing efforts.

    What are common misconceptions about social media which you encounter?
    That you have to be everywhere. It’s perfectly okay to say NO to Snapchat. Instead, I recommend having a specific focus on a few social media sites where your customers and prospects are active. The three I most often recommend are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (F.I.L.).

    Who or what inspires you?
    My dad. I have a great dad who has been a nurturing force throughout my life. It’s a passion of mine to help other men become nurturing fathers in their children’s lives. I teach a dad’s class in the Federal Prison here in Atlanta, GA where we help these men reconnect with their kids to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes they did.

    How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?
    They take lots of notes! With the time I have, my goal is to give them actionable takeaways that will truly make a difference on their business. Social Media best practices, Website improvements and content ideas are just some of the ideas they will walk away with from my presentation.

    What is your favorite experience you have had as a result of your job?
    Travel. I love going to local cafes and enjoying the many different cultures of our amazing planet.

    What are 3 tips for a great social media presence?

    • Talk in terms of their interests, not yours. What does your audience care about? What can you post that will add real value to them?
    • Numbers matter. Be proactive in getting more likes, fans or followers. It can hurt your credibility to have just a few fans on your Facebook page or a small number of connections on LinkedIn.
    • Be consistent. Whether it’s a blog post, live video or infographic, consistency is the key. A high majority of our posts will not be seen by our audience due to crowded news feeds and strict algorithm filters. S posting consistently gives you a better chance of staying top of mind with your customers and prospects.
    See keynotes with Corey Perlman
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