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Chris Moon

Former Army Officer and Impressive Runner
Country: UK

The keynote speaker Chris Moon has always faced challenges head-on and never let adversity slow him down. He is one of very few people to have escaped a hostage situation orchestrated by Khmer Rouge guerillas. Chris Moon worked to clear landmines while working with the charity organisation HALO Trust and lost his lower leg and arm as a result of this. Each time, Chris bounces back stronger than ever.

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Chris Moon is a passionate speaker who delivers humorous talks on the process of achievement, overcoming challenges, mindset, motivation and leadership. He draws on his unique experiences to help people and organisations do what they do, better. For more than a decade he’s been helping businesses go the extra mile.

With an incredible past, our keynote speaker Chris Moon is one of the very few westerners who survived being taken prisoner by Khmer Rouge guerrillas (one of the most ruthless terror groups in history). During an ordeal that nearly resulted in execution, he negotiated not only his own release but also that of his two Khmer staff and he never assumed the role of a victim.

Chris is a former Army officer who worked for a charity specializing in clearing landmines and the debris of war in Asia and Africa. In 1995, while clearing an area in Mozambique, he was blown up which resulted in the loss of his lower right arm and leg. He survived against all odds. The incident did not stop him or slow him down. Within a year of leaving hospital the outstanding speaker Chris Moon ran the London Marathon, worked to ban landmines, raised significant sums to help disabled people in the developing world and passed a Masters Degree in Security Management (covering criminology, human behaviour, risk and management theory).

Chris is always challenging himself and now runs faster than at any time since he was injured. He is the first amputee to run the world’s toughest ultra marathons, such as the Great Sahara Run. His favourite is the Badwater Death Valley Ultra 135 mile fun run, which he recently completed taking almost 12 hours off his previous time.

In September 2010 the sought-after speaker Chris Moon became one of the few people in the world to run more than a marathon day for 30 days continuously, covering over 1000 miles. Two days before he started this thousand-miler he returned from leading a group to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Chris has featured in many newspaper and magazine articles and on radio and television (including the drama documentary I shouldn’t be Alive by Discovery). His autobiography ‘One Step Beyond’ is published by Macmillan.

    Speaker Chris Moon Keynote Topics

    • Motivation
    • Inspiration
    • Process of Achievement
    • Dealing with Difficulty/Challenge
    • Leadership, Driving Sales
    • Change Management
    • Risk, Health & Safety
    • Diversity
    • Induction Courses (Aspiration & Inspiration)
    • After Dinner (humorous & inspirational)
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