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Cris Beswick

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Innovation strategist, keynote speaker and best-selling author of Building a Culture Of Innovation

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In his keynotes, speaker Cris Beswick draws on his extensive real-world experience as an entrepreneur and CEO. In his down-to-earth and unique presentations, he focuses on the strategy, leadership and culture required for game-changing innovation. His tell-it-like-it-is style is not only infectious - it is instantly useable.

Global thought leader and keynote speaker Cris Beswick is the founder & CEO of a consulting firm, helping global clients make sense of the VUCA, innovation-driven world we now operate in. He is also the co-founder & CEO of ‘The Future Shapers’, one of the world’s most trusted innovation thought leadership platforms. Passionate about facilitating innovation, he is the bestselling author of ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’.

Cris Beswick started his career as a product and industrial designer. He then spent over a decade as a successful entrepreneur & CEO, building a group of companies, including a multi-award-winning design consultancy. Over that period, Cris worked internationally as an advisor on design and retail strategy. He has not only designed products but helped position products, brands, experiences and drive growth for some of the world’s most successful companies.

Cris’ entrepreneurial background means he knows exactly what it’s like to wear the CEOs shoes. He can talk to executive and senior teams from his unique perspective about what it really takes to create innovation-led organisations. His track record of success serves as proof that he knows what he’s talking about.

In his talks, speaker Cris Beswick provides both inspiration and practical takeaways. His passion translates into thought-provoking ‘inconvenient truths’ as well as light-hearted stories of what the real journey for entrepreneurs and corporate innovators is really like.

Cris has ‘keynote conversations’, whether that’s for CEOs at private dinners or audiences at global conferences. Preferring dialogue to monologue, Cris not only inspires his audiences but also involves and interacts with them at every opportunity.

Internationally renowned, speaker Cris Beswick has delivered keynotes to, advised and worked with clients around the globe, including The Government of Dubai, Cisco, Xchanging, SIG, Rank Group, SGS, Big Lottery Fund, The House of Commons, Ministry of Defence and many more.

See keynotes with Cris Beswick

    In addition to Cris’ own keynotes he can work with you to create organisation specific presentations, facilitating discussion around industry challenges and business realities helping you become a smarter organisation. Cris can also chair/facilitate innovation events, conferences or top team meetings.

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    Why Strategy, Leadership & Culture should eat breakfast together

    • In a fast-paced and conversational keynote, speaker Cris Beswick will explore the challenges of building the holy grail of competitive advantage and even business survival.
    • Cris doesn’t think culture eats strategy for breakfast but that strategy, leadership & culture should eat breakfast together.

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    Building a Culture of Innovation

    • It’s not rocket science but you do need to know what it takes and where the hell to start.
    • A pragmatic overview of how CEOs, senior leaders and agents of change can build organisation-wide innovation capability
    • Based on Cris’ bestselling book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, voted one of the top 5 books on innovation in 2017 by the Chartered Management Institute.

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    Innovation Leadership

    • Why we all need to be a little bit more Martin Luther King and a lot more Einstein.
    • The challenges of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world means building exceptional organisations means leading in exceptional ways.
    • That means making sense of the future in order to shape the future, being bolder than the competition and building an intelligent, collaborative and adaptable organisational culture.

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    Why Generation Z require Organisation Z

    • If you wrap up the characteristics of ‘Generation Z’ and apply them to organisations, you create an organisation that is ready to tackle many of the challenges faced by CEOs around the world.
    • Quite simply you create an organisation which is prepared to step up and meet the innovation challenges that define our time.
    • You create a human-centred, outcome-driven, Organisation Z!

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    Building a Next Generation Organisation

    • How do we use design thinking to create an innovation operating mode fit for the future?
    • Whether you want to be an innovation leader, a defender or a fast follower the core components of design thinking help us re-design how our organisations function.
    • In order to make sense of the future, stay aligned to ever-shifting customers & consumers, build creative capacity and operate at pace.

    Keynote by speaker Cris Beswick

    From Entrepreneurship to Intrapreneurship; a new approach to shaping the future

    • The best way for large, complex companies to compete in a VUCA, start-up-driven, disruptive world is not to fight the entrepreneurs that threaten their existence but to join them, to play them at their own game.
    • By building an organisation where intrapreneurs can thrive, companies not only leverage their assets and resources but tap into the latent power, creativity and innovation-hungry nature of their people in order to not just stay relevant but to shape the future.
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