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Aric Dromi

travels from Bulgarien

Futurologist, Digital Philosopher, and Professional Troublemaker

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Keynote speaker Aric Dromi is the founder of the Strategic think tank Tempus. Motu and the in-house futurologist of Volvo cars as well as being on the advisory board of innovative groups: NTT Innovation Institute and UNLEASH. A creative thinker, Aric can help others change the way they see the world, to see all aspects of a problem or concept.

Why you should book speaker Aric Dromi

  • He is multi-talented. Speaker Aric Dromi splits his time between helping governments, NGOs, and C-Suite executives to explore future opportunities, develop new thinking, and transform the way we understand change.
  • He provides broad ideas in the work-field. In his presentations, Aric discusses How technology shapes social behaviors and how organizations could use it in benefiting their company.

Speaker Aric Dromi splits his time between his role as the in-house futurologist at Volvo cars, sitting on the advisory board of NTT Innovation Institute (part of the NTT Group, ranked 65th in Fortune Global 500, NTT is the 3rd largest telecommunications company worldwide) and running his own company; where he travels the world and changes how we experience the world, the way we think about thinking and transforms the way we understand evolution. He is also on the Innovation Advisory Board of UNLEASH, which is a global innovation lab that brings together people from all over the world to transform a thousand personal insights into hundreds of ideas, and thus build lasting global networks around the UN’S Sustainable Development Goals.

Aric Dromi thinks laterally and is often the first person in a team to see how widely different aspects of a problem or opportunity can work together and form a new concept of reality; in simple words, a genuinely innovative thinker.

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Keynote by Ari Dromi

Crossing the Rubicon

Since the invention of the axe, technology has been the force that paved the way for better and smarter social constructs. From Watt’s steam engine in 1775, to sewage systems, elevators, and shipping containers, to screens, smartphones, processing power, and machine-learning, it is technology’s impact which helps us remove barriers and build new horizons. It’s the one functions that never stops: it continually reinvents itself and defines new potentials.

Over the past few years, there has been a wave of new technologies that has engulfed our world. Artificial intelligence, robotics, genomics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, terotechnology, augmented and virtual reality, gpt-X and AI images generators are enabling businesses, consumers, and governments to re-examine and re-purpose every aspect of our social and financial interactions in real-time.

This session is designed to help you:

  • Better understand how these technologies will affect your business.
  • How can you better integrate these technologies into your strategy?
  • How will these technologies impact human behavior and our societal DNA?
  • What are the implications for the future of work and education?
  • How can we partner with technology instead of letting it replace us?
  • Can it improve our decision-making process?
  • And more…
Keynote by Ari Dromi

Navigate your Future

Today, the world is a high-velocity flow of radical transitions, constant transformations, revolutions, rapid evolution cycles. We live in a fascinating era of abundant, unprecedented opportunities. Change and adaptation are actually the only valid parameters. These seismic shifts are changing the way we prepare, confront, and respond to every step and planning phase to secure our prosperous evolution.

This session will examine the trends and influences that will determine our social and economic trajectory in the years to come.

We will cover:

  • Automation and fast tracking.
  • Privacy and surveillance.
  • The new era of social norms and interactions.
  • Sustainability-driven economic models and the emerging monetary landscapes.
  • Jolting technologies and new fields of research and development.
Keynote by Ari Dromi

The day After Tomorrow

In this unprecedented era of drastic change, volatility, and abundance, how can we ensure the maximum lifespan of the enterprises we manage and keep them valuable, sustainable, adaptive, and prosperous?

Such challenges demand multi-perspective oversight from an ecosystem view, where artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions may fail to deliver. It is about ingenuity, innovation, hands-on experience, and understanding current and future value sources and impact areas. It is also about enterprise and brand structure potentials, hidden gems, leverage points, and more.

This session will focus on:

  • Diffusion of innovation.
  • System-thinking innovation.
  • The new playing field for business, products, and services.
  • The relationship between environmental and geopolitical changes and how they will affect businesses.
  • Global knowledge and local economies.
  • Sustainable and resilience-driven innovation.
Aric Dromi - video

Love your iPhone and the iPhone will love you back by speaker Aric Dromi at TEDxGöteborg

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