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Pieter Geldenhuys

travels from South Africa

Innovation expert and futurist, the founder and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation

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Keynote speaker Pieter Geldenhuys is an acclaimed academic and presenter on innovation and technology trends. Pieter has a broad and extensive knowledge of innovation, future trends, and technology development and his speaking engagements are very sought after because of his astonishing ability to combine the past and the present to inform us about the future.

Keynote speaker Pieter Geldenhuys is an internationally renowned futurist and expert in the field of Innovation and Technology Strategy. He is the founder and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation, a boutique consultancy that allows companies to leverage their own innovative potential. The Institute has delivered more than 3000 students and 80 innovation projects across the technology & financial landscape over the past decade.

Pieter is the Vice-Chair of the Innovation Focus Group at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland, and assists numerous post-doctoral students in Europe with their research on technology’s impact on the future.

Excellent speaker Pieter Geldenhuys has many strengths and has multiple roles in the tech industry. He is widely used as an impact speaker, futurist, and strategy consultant by the majority of South Africa’s Top 100 companies. He has addressed audiences in the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Mauritius, New Zealand, and China. He also has more than 800 National radio appearances under his belt.

Pieter Geldenhuys holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Our speaker Pieter Geldenhuys currently holds the title of extraordinary lecturer in Technology Strategy at North-West University, where he lectures a Technology Strategy course to MBA students and has done so for more than a decade. Pieter believes the only way to effectively predict the future is to create it.

See keynotes with Pieter Geldenhuys

    Keynote by Speaker Pieter Geldenhuys

    “Beyond Cyberspace – The World of The Post Net generation”

    The future is here and now. It is all around us, as pervasive as the oxygen we breathe, enabling those in the know with instant communication to the abundant resource of information and interconnection we call the Internet. The Internet is all around us, pervasive, intelligent and invisible, not confined to the narrow boundaries of our mind and experience.

    What happens next as we finally start utilizing this reality as we redefine business models and communication infrastructures? What happens to our jobs, money and ideas of value? How will this new reality change our ideas of banking, retail, intelligent homes, entertainment, and individuality? What will happen when organisations finally realise that the Internet is far more than images on a computer screen, but an invisible environment that will change logistics, broadcasting, retail, personalisation & the very basis of our competitive environment?


    Keynote by Speaker Pieter Geldenhuys

    “2025 – Preparing For a Complex World”

    In times where the only constant is change, organisations need to reframe their thinking, strategy and processes to stay competitive and relevant. We are operating in a complex world where a “best practice fits all” solution to challenges does not give optimum results any more. In this presentation the notion of reframing a business to ensure relevancy is discussed and debriefed.

    Extraordinary possibilities of success and failure lie in a gap between what is possible and what is organisational reality. The changing conditions brought about by an explosion in technology in general and in the specific environment are brought into context to optimise these possibilities. Complexity management is also discussed in this topic detail giving various options of organising value creation in a complex environment where cause and effect are only coherent in retrospect and does not repeat.


    Keynote by Speaker Pieter Geldenhuys

    “Business Unusual”

    The Innovation space is exploding. Everything from retail to manufacturing to services is being redefined, as innovation in the interconnected space becomes the key differentiator.

    The Business Unusual presentation strives to make sense of the new opportunities available within this new hyper-connected world as it starts unpacking dozens of innovative business models and business trends from around the world. These new business models, which span the entire economy, are made possible by the advent of the Ubiquitous Internet and the unique interaction of recently adopted user patterns in the world of mobility, user centric computing and social networking.

    The presentation will take the participants on a journey into an exhilarating and inspiring world where established business models are turned on its head, and where the mental maps in the minds of the entrepreneurs defines the business landscape of tomorrow.

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