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A leading boxing promoter turned trans rights champion

Kellie Maloney

travels from Portugal, UK

Kellie Maloney was one of Britain's leading boxing promoters and managed heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis. When Kellie announced her plans to transition and undergo gender reassignment, she helped to change perceptions of transgender people for the better.

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Announcing her transition in 2014, Kellie Maloney's story was widely reported around the world, which helped to boost the conversation surrounding transgender people and the LGBT community as a whole. While living as her authentic self, Kellie has been dedicated to raising awareness about her community and trying to advance the rights of what is a marginalized group in society. Prior to coming out as a transgender woman, Kellie was one of Britain's top promoters, and her strong efforts assisted Lennox Lewis to reach the top levels of boxing and to take heavyweight champion titles.

Why you should book Kellie Maloney for your next event

  • As an inspirational member of the transgender community, Kellie speaks openly of her personal experiences and can help broaden the minds and hearts of event attendees.
  • Kellie is a profound speaker, engaging her audiences and conveying her message passionately in a way that’s entertaining yet also informative. Being such a high-profile person, she’s sure to draw a good level of attendance.
  • One of Britain’s leading promoters in the boxing industry, Kelly is able to give unique commentary on the sport and share her experiences promoting top boxers with guests attending the event.

In conjunction with Celebrity PR Limited, London we present former boxer, who started life as Frank Maloney, Kellie was at the top of her game in boxing and was promoting leading boxers such as Lennox Lewis and David Haye, taking both athletes to championship wins and international acclaim. Since her public transition in 2014, Kellie has advocated strongly for the transgender community she’s a part of and has advanced discussions of transgender rights and the perception of the community in Britain and around the world. Also in 2014, Kellie was booked to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, heightening anticipation for the show and generating much public discussion. In 2015 Maloney was named as ‘transgender champion’ at the women of the year awards organized by Glamour Magazine, a big accolade to receive after transitioning only a year previously.

In 2020, Kellie took everyone by surprise and announced her return as a boxing promoter. Despite her previous controversial opinions surrounding women in boxing, Kellie, this time around, has committed herself to representing female boxers at the beginning of their careers, pledging to encourage participation in boxing by women and calling them pioneers. Also in 2020, Maloney appeared in a documentary for Amazon Prime titled ‘From Frank to Kellie’, providing insight into her transition as well as her early life and career as a boxing promoter.


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  • Boxing and sport
  • Transgender issues
  • Her Life as a male and female
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Kellie Maloney Opens Up About Her Mental Health Struggle | Loose Women

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