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Michelle brings her unique expertise to the best Future and Technology keynotes


Michelle Lee

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The Honorable Michelle Lee has the unrivaled expertise to define the Future of Innovation and Technology

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Speaker Michelle Lee is a remarkable expert on innovation and technology. As the first female to lead USPTO, an executive at Google and a computer scientist at MIT’s AI Lab, Michelle is the forefront of the newest innovations. Her keynotes are offering a genuinely unique perspective as they not only journey thru new technology but also examine the key business opportunities in the future.

Why you should book speaker Michelle Lee

  • Michelle’s experience is truly unrivalled: she is the only person to have this amount of expertise as a scientist, businesswoman, attorney and government official.
  • With her keynotes, you are guaranteed to get the whole picture about the future: Michelle is the right expert to show you both the business, legal and technological side of the opportunity facing humanity.

Growing up in Silicon Valley, Michelle’s love for technology was enormous as a child – which inspired her to build her own hand-held radio. Her great passion for engineering also led her to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees simultaneously from MIT. Moreover, speaker Michelle Lee also earned a law degree at Stanford as she wanted to work with cutting-edge legal issues facing high-tech companies.

Michelle’s expertise is as impressive as diverse. She is an MIT-trained computer scientist expert in AI, worked as an attorney at Fenwick & West, was the Head of Patents and Patent Strategy for Google and she is the first woman Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director in the history of the US. During her tenure, Michelle led a 13.000 person agency with a budget of $3.4 billion per year.

Resulting from her experiences, speaker Michelle Lee offers a remarkably unique perspective: there is nobody else who has the same amount of expertise as a scientist, attorney, businesswoman and government executive. Moreover, her presentations truly provide business leaders with a complete picture as they examine both the newest technological advancements and future business opportunities.

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Keynote by speaker Michelle Lee

What the Future Looks Like: Technology, Innovation, and Resulting Business Opportunities

New technology all excites (and maybe also confuses) us due to the constant barrage of novelty. As the head of the US Patent and Trademark Office, speaker Michelle Lee has seen literally hundreds of thousands of the newest inventions, technologies and entrepreneurs looking to change the world with their work. In this keynote, she will take the audience on an exciting journey into the future and provide the key strategies to help leaders navigate this future.

Keynote by speaker Michelle Lee

Developments in Artificial Intelligence: How It Will Change Your Life Including The Way You Do Business

  • In the near future, Artificial Intelligence will bring consequential changes to our lives. Drawing from her experience at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, as the head of the US Patent and Trademark Office and Google, speaker Michelle Lee will show the audience an enthralling glimpse into this future world. To help business leaders and their companies prepare for the changes to come, Michelle will also show how to think about using these technologies – and achieve a competitive advantage.
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Michelle Lee - Technology Pioneer

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