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Global Tech Visionary

Aref Boualwan

travels from Greece

ESG Infrastructure Pioneer. Aref Boualwan accelerates sustainable projects. Secure your place in the future.

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Empower Your Future with Aref Boualwan's Keynotes. Unleash innovation, navigate digital shifts, and drive sustainable growth. Elevate your strategies with a visionary who's transformed industries worldwide. Book now for unparalleled insights and actionable solutions.

Why you should book Aref Boualwan for your next event

  • Strategic Transformation: Gain a roadmap for successful digital transition, harnessing Aref Boualwan’s 20+ years of executing multinational digital transformations.
  • Megatrends Mastery: Master Industry 4.0, globalization shifts, and energy transition through Aref Boualwan’s insights, future-proofing your strategy.
  • Global Strategy Leader: Aref Boualwan’s role as WEF Strategy Officer influences megatrends studies, shaping industries, and UN SDGs initiatives.

Aref Boualwan, a prominent keynote speaker, brings a wealth of transformative insights that resonate with organizations across sectors. His name is synonymous with digital revolution leadership, having steered multinational corporations through groundbreaking advancements valued at over $70 billion. With a motivational approach, Aref Boualwan empowers teams to embrace change confidently, adapt swiftly, and navigate challenges effectively.

Booking Aref Boualwan for your event is an opportunity to infuse your team with actionable strategies and visionary thinking. His influence spans tech startups to established enterprises, making him a sought-after guide for Industry 4.0 and sustainability initiatives. Aref Boualwan’s keynotes shed light on essential megatrends, energy transitions, and sustainable strategies, equipping your organization to thrive in today’s fast-paced landscape.

Elevate your organizational journey by securing Aref Boualwan’s wisdom for your event. Join the ranks of successful ventures that have harnessed his insights to drive innovation, embrace change, and achieve growth. With a track record of guiding businesses towards success, Aref Boualwan’s name stands as a beacon of transformation, waiting to illuminate your path to excellence.

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Keynote by speaker Aref Boualwan

Mastering Megatrends and Innovation: Guiding Your Path to Success

Join Aref Boualwan in an engaging keynote as he unveils the strategic roadmap for Industry 4.0 success. Drawing from his extensive experience in multinational corporations and his role as a WEF Strategy Officer, Aref dives into the realms of innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation. Discover how to navigate megatrends, harness ESG principles, and drive organizational growth in an evolving landscape. Aref’s insights will empower your team to embrace change, adapt to disruptions, and excel in the era of transformation.

Keynote topics:

  • Digital Transformation through Third and Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies
  • Global Transformations In Economic, Geopolitical, Technological, & Cultural Dimensions
  • World Megatrends, Energy Transition, Industry 4.0, and Globalization 4.0
  • Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism & ESG 
  • The Future of Construction Technologies
  • Net Zero Carbon Transition & Greentech in Achieving Net-Zero Transition
  • Corporates Mentoring Startups: Achieving Product-Market Fit and International Expansion
Watch Aref Boualwan in action

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Watch Aref Boualwan in action

MTV Interview - Aref Boualwan Innovations Achievements

See keynotes with Aref Boualwan
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Keynote topics with Aref Boualwan