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Estienne de Beer

Wildlife Motivational Speaker
Country: South Africa

Popular motivational keynote speaker Estienne de Beer is guaranteed to set your next conference or event on fire. “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace” teaches us how the meerkats’ success behaviours can be applied in the corporate world. Presented by the infectiously energetic Estienne de Beer, “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace” will inspire your team to new heights, through lessons from the charismatic South African meerkat.

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Wildlife Motivational Speaker

South African Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach, Estienne de Beer, has inspired corporates across seven different countries. In addition to heading up Training and Leadership Development of South African Operations for a Fortune 100 Company, he also served as a leadership development resource for the Middle East operations.

An award-winning international platform speaker and writer, Estienne has authored Boosting Your Career – Tips from Top Executives. Estienne has also written numerous articles on personal development and leadership for a variety of national, and international magazines. As a Professional Speaker, Estienne de Beer has extensive expertise across corporations and cultures. Many well-known companies have enlisted the consulting services of Estienne with particular emphasis on developing leaders, motivating staff, and coaching presentation skills.

Estienne’s sought after sixty-minute presentation, “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”, has inspired the business world with a mesmerising glimpse into the mind of the wild and tenacious meerkat. Through visual aids and entertaining speech, Estienne demonstrates how businesses can learn from these creatures’ example. Challenging principles, and true-to-life workplace parables, enable Estienne to invigorate and engage his audiences, keeping them hanging on his every word. This keynote presentation for corporate conferences and business events can be customized for a multitude of purposes including motivation, sales, teamwork, leadership, change management, diversity, risk and many more.

Estienne’s personal centre of influence includes a network of accomplished business leaders worldwide. He has consulted globally and locally to a number of well-known companies, focusing strongly on leadership development, employee motivation, learning and development, and personality assessments. He has also published articles in various business magazines amongst other titles like “Immature Leaders Go Off Like Milk”, “The Menace of Micromanagement”, and “The Perils of Positive Thinking”. As part of his professional degree in Communications, he majored in Industrial Psychology and Public Relations.

    Keynote by Speaker Estienne de Beer

    Implementation and Execution

    • Meerkats spend every day digging; they shift fifty times their own weight in a single morning.

    Keynote by Speaker Estienne de Beer

    Non stop Personal Development

    • Meerkats function in a learning co-op. They are continually coaching and mentoring one another, passing on what they know through mutual teaching and training.

    Keynote by Speaker Estienne de Beer

    Resilience & Courage

    • Meerkats rally to repel opponents far bigger than themselves.

    Keynote by Speaker Estienne de Beer

    Excel through Teamwork

    • Meerkats bring new meaning to teamwork by meting out tasks and being masters of cooperation. For the sake of survival, they understand how important it is to constantly validate and reinforce their relationships with each other.

    Keynote by Speaker Estienne de Beer

    Inspiring Leadership

    • Meerkats shine in an opportunity based system. The meerkat clans are led by the most seasoned and skilled member; the rest of the members are hot on their leader’s heals. Irrefutably, meerkats have mastered the art of working as a winning team.
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