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Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler

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Clinical hypnotherapist and coach with a simple mission to enable organisations to be more extraordinary

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Keynote speaker Richard Tyler’s presentations are never dull. The former West End leading man has experience in the field of behavioural psychology, and he now combines these two areas of expertise; the human mind and the world of performance. He delivers powerful, fun and provocative talks aimed at creating and sustaining extraordinary change.

Keynote speaker Richard Tyler is the man you need, in a world where ‘good enough’ is no longer enough. Richard is The Possibility Architect. His mission is simple – to enable organisations to be more extraordinary than they ever imagined possible!

In his lifetime, he has sadly not yet climbed any large mountains without the use of a safety harness. Or, with a safety harness! He is rather disappointed not to have fought off raging tigers in the jungle with only his hairbrush. He is delighted, however, to have learnt and practiced the rules to creating and sustaining extraordinary things!

Strong-willed speaker Richard Tyler always dreamed of performing on stage. After a few setbacks he sneaked into music school and was lucky enough to get his big break when asked to perform in a village hall in the most northern part of Scotland to 2 men and a whippet. His career rocketed after that! He went on to play lead roles in many of London’s top West End productions, sang for thousands in arenas around the globe, appeared in TV commercials, sang on albums and drank champagne…Since taking the make-up and tights off, he is less of a drama queen, but occasionally still dips into the world of performance. You can catch him on the 2011 Phantom 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall on DVD/CD.

Richard Tyler is popular and sought-after across the globe as a speaker and facilitator. He works with boards, teams and leaders to provoke, nudge, cajole, re‐energise, tickle and invigorate a leap towards extraordinary. He challenges his audience to work at their edge, squeezing out every ounce of possibility. He is regularly asked to contribute to trade journals and often speaks on radio. Richard has recently been invited to sit on the Advisory Board at Warwick University Business School, UK. His clients are diverse and wide ranging; NHS, JPMorgan Chase, BBC, Tesco, John Lewis Partnership, Reed Smith LLP, HSBC, Disney and Coop.

Richard is an ANLP and Professional Guild recognised NLP assessor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and CBT coach. He now combines his 2 areas of expertise; the world of extraordinary performance and behavioural psychology, offering a compelling vehicle for change and progression.

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    Keynote by Speaker Richard Tyler

    Get wonky, stay wonky!

    • It is easy to tow the line; tick the boxes, be nice, deliver something good and generally offer a ‘beige’ service. If you are striving for ‘good enough’ then you are doing just fine! However, for those that desire an extraordinary existence, understanding the principles of Getting Wonky will catapult you forward!
    • Discover how to get wonky in small ways and see giant gains, harness your attitude, invest your power in the right places and dare to begin before you are ready.


    Keynote by Speaker Richard Tyler

    A daring adventure…

    • Faced with a challenge in life, do you run a mile, battle it with will – power or embrace it and turn it into your own daring adventure?! In this up beat and inspiring session, Richard Tyler will hold the mirror up and challenge the audience to question how they live their own daring adventure.
    • Most businesses today face daily hurdles to becoming market leaders and extraordinary at doing what they do. And when they do achieve it, how on earth do they stay there?! Throughout this session keynote speaker Richard Tyler shares, in his own unique way, how theatre, music, performance and an understanding of the mind, can help everyone navigate their own extraordinary, daring adventure.
    • Discover how to play the second way, make the magic IF your new best friend and find 1º of change – make small tweaks to achieve significant gains.


    Keynote by Speaker Richard Tyler

    Dancing with Gorilla’s!

    – how to change your world instead of letting it change you!

    • I remember learning from a very young age, that if you should happen to find yourself dancing with a gorilla, you don’t stop when YOU get tired, you stop when the Gorilla gets tired!!Frankly, despite popular opinion, there are more gorillas’ out there than you might imagine! Each day, you can find yourself grappling with yet another issue and being seduced into a merry dance with the gorilla. Some will run before the gorilla appears, some before the dance begins, some will attempt a tango whilst the gorilla goes for a quick step and others will leave the dance, exhausted and tired.
    • Keynote speaker Richard Tyler, despite his poor skills in the dance arena, has spent 38 years attempting all of the above. However, along the way he learnt that in order to dance with the gorilla elegantly and ensure he had one, big knackered gorilla in front of him, he needed to tap into a depth of personal resilience and attitude. All too often, this is the same depth of resilience required by leaders and organisations today to ensure they make the best choices in steering their business to become extraordinary.
    • Here, Richard shares the components of that resilience and attitude and encourages the audience to address some fundamental points: the attitude vs. behaviour conundrum and know what you control and what you don’t!
    • You can choose your attitude, can’t you? After all, it’s not what happens to you, it’s what YOU do about it!


Watch speaker Richard Tyler in action

Richard Tyler Showreel

Click here to watch and get inspired by speaker Richard Tyler’s Showreel!

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Interview with Richard Tyler

How did you go from the West End to the Speaking Circuit?

It happened in a blur. Mostly by accident rather than by design! If I’m brutally honest, I was bored of singing. I need to freshen things up a bit. I left my contract when it ended at Phantom and started hunting down my next opportunity. I would ANYTHING. Except prostitution. I talked to people, networked, annoyed potential employers, turned some jobs down, applied for many that I didn’t get and stopped auditioning.

I was asked by a friend to help them work through a presentation they needed to give – they wanted a dash of va-va-voom. I spent some time with them and found it fascinating. They laughed lots and stretched their style significantly. I was hooked. Here was an extraordinary way to use all my talent and skill to make a difference. One thing led to another and I was asked by more people to help them.

I found myself spending 3 years with a Learning and Development consultancy – the rest is history. I set up BTFI about 9 years ago and found myself being asked to speak at more and more conferences. Looking back, the transition was simple….

What types of similarities do you experience between the two kinds of performance?

They are intrinsically linked. The attitude of a performer is key. It drives every choice they make in the moment and helps them un-pick what just happened and what is needed next. Performers have to be present and with their radar on as that is where they have greatest choice.

Performers strive for the extraordinary. Good does not delight and enthrall an audience! Good does not please many customers either! Leaders have to perform – turn up the impact as required (or down), be present, make choices, present themselves, connect with people, tell a story, encourage others to tell their story and continually refine in order to dance with extraordinary.

How would you describe your keynotes?

Sailing close to the edge. Fun. Uncomfortable. Challenging. Energetic. Energising. Refreshing. A stretch. Participative. Provocative. Not for those that are happy with ‘good’!

How does humor factor into your talks?

Heavily. I’m not comedian though. It’s a fact – people learn more when they are having fun and enjoying themselves. If I can help people access that place they will engage more with the messages and therefore are more likely to take action as a result. I like having fun too. However, I believe that leaders and their businesses HAVE to be a better place as a result of working with me so, although we laugh and play lots, there is a serious message wrapped up within it – change and progression require an upgrade of attitude and new action.

What types of lessons and tools do audiences walk away with?

There are many, and I am always eager to ensure that the messages fit snugly with the clients brief. I am not keen on ‘off the shelf keynotes’ so prefer to tailor them specifically and then adapt them ‘live’ during the session. I don’t believe that what I deliver is rocket science. It’s actually very straight forward and yet produces monumental shifts.

See keynotes with Richard Tyler
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