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Amy Cole

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Executive recruiter, talented business partner and staffing expert on how to recruit the best team to reach success

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Keynote speaker Amy Cole has a passion for people. She is a natural speaker with engaging content who helps companies find the perfect people and teams to get ahead of competitors. Amy has been in the business for 20 years and has experience in several different industries.

Why you should book speaker Amy Cole

  • Amy is committed and passionate. She runs her own consulting and recruitment company where she finds talent for businesses and connects people across the nation.
  • As a speaker Amy Cole is dynamic, captivating and charismatic. She is a natural-born speaker and knows how to connect with the audience. She knows how to make people listen and learn and will help you create an unforgettable event.
  • She is an expert! Amy Cole has recruited talent for the last 20 years. She is a career coach and a LinkedIn expert who will elevate your event and educate the audience.

Keynote speaker Amy Cole knows people and business. She connects the right people to the right organizational culture, industry and teams. Amy is passionate about working with people and her extensive experience makes her an absolute expert at what she does. She knows all about the usual challenges and dilemmas most companies run into. Whether it be negotiations, strategic partnerships or leadership, Amy has the right solutions for you.

Amy shares result-oriented strategies that actually help you get to the next step. Through her talks, she ignites and educates people in the audience. Her talks and presentations are perfect for organizations who want a new perspective on the hiring process or who struggle to connect the people in their organisation. Amy has already empowered thousands of leaders and HR professionals – let her empower you!

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Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Amy Cole

It's not business as usual

Join our virtual roundtable where we will discuss how to adjust to this new work-from-home paradigm.

Whether you are a manager leading teams, or an employee suddenly home alone at your computer, business continuity is crucial and this is an open forum to share ideas. All are welcome!

Audience takeaways:

The conversation will consist of 2 parts:

  • Tactics that you can implement immediately to motivate yourself and lead your teams.
  • An interactive discussion on how to maintain high-growth and meet business objectives.
Keynote by speaker Amy Cole

Transform Your Hiring Strategy to Secure Top Talent

  • It’s a competitive world, and companies have to work hard to connect with top talent. Keynote speaker Amy Cole shows you how to do just that. The aim of this talk is to inspire people to implement effective hiring and create the best possible teams.
  • The audience will learn valuable strategies to promote and attract the very best candidates. They will learn how to write dynamic job descriptions, create an effective hiring protocol and much more.
Keynote by speaker Amy Cole

Make LinkedIn Powerful for Recruiting

  • Social media can be a bit of a mystery. The rules constantly change and many professionals struggle to meet their target audience. In this talk, Amy Cole teaches her audience how to use LinkedIn effectively to position themselves and reach the perfect candidates.
  • Amy shares valuable tips that will help you master LinkedIn. The audience will learn everything about Job Ad postings, important LinkedIn features and boosting your company page.
Keynote by speaker Amy Cole

Ask For What You Are Worth! 3 Golden Rules to Successful Salary Negotiations

  • Are you afraid to ask for what you are worth? Salary negotiations don’t have to be difficult or awkward. In this talk or workshop, Amy Cole shares her best tips for successful salary negotiations.
  • As an executive recruiter, Amy has negotiated several salary packages and helped hundreds of professionals secure salary increases. She fully believes that by shifting the negotiation to an open discussion, both parties win.
  • The audience will learn how to get that raise or negotiate compensation for a new job. You will learn how to discuss from a place of authority and negotiate with confidence.
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