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Tom Coverly

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Illusionist, Comedian & Motivational Speaker

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Keynote speaker Tom Coverly, also known as “The Illusionist”, is a professional comedian and motivational entertainer. He has performed for millions around the world and is a sought-after speaker for schools for his anti-bullying talks but has also had great success in the corporate world.

As a kid, Tom was smaller than his classmates, and he quickly became a victim to bullying. He grew up in rough neighborhood, and he ended up going down the wrong path of stealing, fighting and drinking. He felt the consequences of his life until a caring person spoke truths into his life.

Today, speaker Tom Coverly has found purpose in his life. Tom keeps his keynotes real, honest and raw. With an added effect of comedy and illusion, they never fail to entertain while sending a true message and breaking down even the toughest heart. Tom Coverly’s “Destroy Illusions Tour” has become one of the most requested school assemblies in America. While being a popular speaker for schools, Tom has also had big success within the corporate world and past clients include Warner Brothers, Arby’s and Burger King.

Tom tackles important issues that you can’t afford to avoid. Bullying in school and at work can do serious damage to the culture and individual. Tom Coverly breaks down the illusions we tell ourselves everyday while engaging and connecting with the audience like few can do.

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    Keynote by speaker Tom Coverly 

    Destroying Illusions in the Workplace

    • In this talk, Tom entertains with a purpose.
    • Tom begins this talk with a couple of funny mind-blowing illusions involving tons of audience participation and then transitions into a powerful motivational talk.
    • Tom’s audience will want to become better employees, leaders and team players.
    • Tom will not only destroy the illusions and lies we typically believe about our jobs but he will remind them about truth and reality in a brand new fresh way.

    Keynote by speaker Tom Coverly 

    Inspiring Story

    • In this keynote, speaker Tom Coverly shares his inspiring story of being born in one of the roughest cities in America, Camden, New Jersey. Tom’s personal story includes his past choices to fight, steal, suicide attempts, destructive behavior, drinking and the consequences of each of his actions.
    • His story will motivate your audience to use their past experiences and make something of themselves. We are not defined by our past or mistakes, but rather  defined by the legacy we leave.
    • In a million years, Tom could not have imaged using his story to inspire millions around the world. Get your audience ready to be inspired to be world changers.

    Keynote by speaker Tom Coverly 

    What’s In Your Hand

    • In this keynote, Tom reflects on his story about becoming an entrepreneur. It was not until Tom realized what his gifts, talents and loves were, that he began to do what he is currently doing.
    • Ten years ago, Tom held out his hands, realized what his gifts were and began to seek his truth. Within his first year, he was booked in 38 states around America speaking and performing.
    • Tom uses comedy, illusions and personal stories to challenge your audience like never before to be anything they aspire to be.

    Keynote by speaker Tom Coverly 


    • In this powerful talk, Tom uses a lot of humor, illusions and personal stories to engage your audience to see anything is possible with the right perspective.
    • Tom will reveal a couple of illusions to the entire audience; giving them a perspective that only they can see, while the volunteer onstage experiences something different.
    • A fun and interactive keynote where your audience will learn the importance of perspective.

    Keynote by speaker Tom Coverly 

    Don’t Blink

    • In this keynote, Tom powerfully presents the shortness of life.
    • Tom utilizes comedy and illusions to help drive this point home, while he shares powerful stories about how we can impact others around us.  
    • This talk is a powerful way of building unity among those we work with and the clients we serve. Get ready to motivate your employees to be a greater version of themselves!
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