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Vikas Jain

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Author, global speaker & entrepreneur on a mission to improve leadership and entrepreneurship in a fast-changing world

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Vikas is an author and expert in delivering Strategic & high impact talks. His clients, including Fortune 500 companies like Yamaha and Intel trust his deep and life-changing work. He believes that Innovation & Intensive Learning are key aspects of Leadership. A thought leader and Change agent who turned down an offer from Microsoft to pursue his passion for transforming, individuals, organizations, and society. He is the founder of Adhyan Group.

Engaging keynote speaker Vikas Jain specializes in delivering customized programs which are both thought-provoking and inspirational. His talks draw on research & case studies to provide the best results.
Speaker Vikas Jain delivers custom programs on Leadership, Team Building, Transformation, Sales Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Youth Motivation, Faculty Development Program in India and abroad. He specializes in improving Leadership and Entrepreneurship by creating a self-learning environment.

“Is Change Too Fast or Are We Too Slow to Learn?” – Speaker Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain strives to make others realize their own worth through his teachings.

Spreading his knowledge as an author as well as a speaker Vikas Jain has written several books and articles. His books include “Secret behind Super-Achievers: Self-Education” and “Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice”. His research papers and articles have been published in journals and newspapers of national and international repute.

Speaker Vikas Jain is passionate about empowering all sections of society.

Which is why he has delivered Life Skills training to refugees under United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In addition, he has mentored the Faculty Development Program to Assistant/Associate Professors of University of Delhi and other educational institutions.

Speaker Vikas Jain’s Mission

Building an eco-system where the self-learning engine of individuals and organizations (including families) is ignited, developed, supported and connected with world-class opportunities to achieve desired growth in every aspect of life.

His strategic & inspirational talks, positive attitude, knowledge and charismatic persona make speaker Vikas Jain stand out from the crowd. This has lead to successful transformations in his clients’ personal and professional lives.

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    Speaker Vikas Jain Keynote Topics


    Keynote by Speaker Vikas Jain

    Self-Learning Leadership

    Learn to create/Manage change through a self-learning mindset with minimum investment and maximum impact.

    The world is going through major changes and disruption. During this period of disruption there are victims of change (disrupted) and winners because of change (disruptors). This program covers one of the most essential quality of disruptors i.e. their Self-Learning Mindset & Learning Agility. Vikas Jain helps you building a self-learning ecosystem in your organization. This way you will have a quickly changing skillset, and therefore better agility to learn new skills quickly and at a lower cost.

    Key points covered:
    • Thought Provoking insights on Learning Diet of World Leaders and Disruptors
    • Deeper research on fundamentals of Learning including critical things which have been overlooked
    • Best practices and tools adopted by world leaders to nurture self-learning mindset despite their busy schedules

    Keynote by Speaker Vikas Jain

    CHANGE!! To Change the results!

    Category : Innovation & Embracing Change 
    “Is Change Too Fast or Are we Too Slow to Learn?”

    In the fast-changing world, there are winners of change and victim because of change. With an innovative mindset and approach, one can get benefit out of the change. With this transformation, one will not just manage change better but become change maker. During this presentation, Vikas covers ways to implement the innovation mindset.

    Keynote by Speaker Vikas Jain

    Massive Growth Strategy

    Category : Motivation & Inspiration
    As Vikas says ” Motivation is the Oxygen for Big Dreams”. Motivation is necessary to navigate us to dream which may appear to be beyond our scale as per the current situation. With our inner conviction combined with external motivation and inner inspiration, we can fulfill our dreams and realize our true potential.

    Keynote by Speaker Vikas Jain

    Learning Diet of World Leaders

    Category : Leadership
    As he says, “Lead Your Self Before Leading Others”. Leadership is beyond just leading a team of people. There are individuals who are leaders in a certain segment like leading actors in Hollywood. Even though these people are not leading the team but they are certainly leading the market and inspiring many. And an even broader definition of leadership, one must attain personal leadership also known as self-leadership. This talk would cover the insights captured during various interviews and interaction of speaker Vikas Jain with world leaders.

    Keynote by Speaker Vikas Jain

    Sculpting Future Leaders Through Education

    Category : Education & Youth
    As Vikas says, “Youth is a reflection of our future that can be seen in the present time” and “Education is a lifelong journey of improving ourselves”. Any nation can transform, given the Youth is having proper Education. He has done extensive work in the area of learning from primary schools to corporate houses. His insights cover the Learning Diet of World Leaders, and how we can create a learning environment to produce future leaders.

Vikas Jain - video

How I Overcame Fear Of Failure To Find Success | Vikas Jain | Josh Talks

Watch speaker Vikas Jain in action!

See keynotes with Vikas Jain
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