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Nell Watson

travels from Belgium

Engineering technologist and tech thinker revealing the future of humanity based on scientific research

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Futurist speaker Nell Watson is an inspirational public speaker and an engineering technologist with a great deal of expertise on how robotics and artificial intelligence will influence our civilisation in the near future. As an engineer, Nell provides a solid scientific background to present her ideas in a digestible yet informative manner.

Nell Watson teaches and lectures globally on various topics such as human-machine relations, machine intelligence, AI philosophy and the future of our society. She delivers inspiring and thought-provoking presentations by approaching complex issues with intelligence, insight and humanity. In addition, to educate people on how to implement such technologies, Nell also does video lectures for O’Reilly.

In 2010 Nell founded Poikos (now QuantaCorp), an innovative learning-driven AI technology focusing on providing 3D body measurement data. The service allows customers utilising fast and accurate personalisation services in mass customisation, retail or telemedicine. Furthermore, she is a co-founder of EthicsNet, a non-profit organisation committed to improving the understanding of human values and behaviour for machines.

She has presented for the multinational telecommunications company Ericsson, the Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her work is frequently covered by media outlets such as The Guardian, BBC, Forbes, Wired and others.

In her free time, Nell enjoys developing her life simulator, “Founder Life”  the game is designed to teach entrepreneurs the necessary psychological and mindfulness habits to be able to perform well consistently under pressure.


Watch the video of Nell Watson on AI and Machine ethics

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    Keynote by Speaker Nell Watson


    • Nell’s topic Cryptomics provides an interesting insight into the latest innovations in Machine Intelligence, Blockchain and a brand new discipline, Machine Ethics: the concurrence of these three fields could help our civilisation in finding revolutionary ways to organise our societies, to build trust between individuals and in improving the human well-being in the next decade – Nell knows how to approach this.

    Keynote by Speaker Nell Watson

    Exponential Ethos

    •  As of today, humanity is experiencing an enormous change influenced by technology: brick-and-mortar industries such as transportation or tourism are being reshaped to become enormous digital businesses. Furthermore, physical objects are getting dematerialised and democratised – helping humanity to gain more wealth at an ever decreasing cost. Nell presents the audience the skills necessary to have the societal, technical and business success in this century by understanding and effectively using the exponential factors and the power of them.

    Keynote by Speaker Nell Watson

    Magnanimous Machines  

    • Day by day, machines are getting better and better at understanding the needs, the motivations and the fundamental values of humanity – providing intriguing possibilities for both the individual and the global society. As speaker Nell Watson shows, robotic counselling could democratise access to talking therapies, resulting in an improvement of the mental health of society.

    Keynote by Speaker Nell Watson

    Making the Most of Machine Intelligence

    • Machine Intelligence is a fascinating new field which could help our society experience a revolution unseen since electrification has been introduced: throughout the talk, Nell is showing her audience the incredible influence Big Data has in the development of our economy. Furthermore, Nell also reveals how to make the most out of this crucial opportunity the future is presenting to us.
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