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Speakers about gaming (9)

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Roberta Lucca

Roberta Lucca, Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech, offers the inside track on technology's latest advances. Inspire innovation in your organization.

travels from Brazil, UK

Roberta Lucca aka Beta Lucca is a Brazilian-born entrepreneur and innovator who has made a name for herself in the gaming and tech industries. She is the co-founder of Bossa Studios, a video game development company, and Wonderluk, a 3D printing...


Daniel Bobroff

Daniel is the founder of Coded Futures, a creative technology advisory firm focused on the future of retail, and formerly the co-founder & Investment Director of ASOS Ventures, the online fashion company’s venture capital division.

travels from UK

Daniel has founded, invested in and led companies within a range of innovative technologies including virtual reality, visual search, e-commerce and...


Jeremy Denisty

Elevate your business with Jeremy Denisty, Co-Founder of Imagin3 Studio. Keynote speaker, digital innovation guru, and author of "The Virtual Economy".

travels from UAE

Unlock success with Jeremy Denisty, Co-Founder of Imagin3 Studio. As a keynote speaker and digital innovation expert, Jeremy guides businesses through holistic transformation, strategy, and culture. His dynamic talks, featured in...


Koen Schobbers

Leading global expert and entrepreneur delivers engaging keynote speeches about the gaming and esports industry, responsible and balanced gaming, and innovation and gamification.

travels from Netherlands

Keynote speaker Koen Schobbers is a leading global expert and entrepreneur in the gaming and esports industry. Starting as a professional gamer in 2007 at the age of 15 years old, he was not able to share his passion due to the stigma he faced....


Lloyd Danzig

Founder & CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, Chairman & Founder of ICED(AI), Co-Chairman at CompTIA AI Advisory Council

travels from USA

Speaker Lloyd Danzig is the Founder and CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, a sports betting business and investment consultancy firm. Lloyd is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and has a keen eye towards their long-term interests of humanity....


Nell Watson

Unlock innovation with Nell Watson, AI trailblazer and QuantaCorp founder. Pioneering ethical AI, she shapes the future at the forefront of transparency and safety.

travels from Belgium

Experience transformative insights with Nell Watson, pioneer of Deep Machine Vision at QuantaCorp. As AI Faculty at Singularity University and IEEE Chair, she safeguards algorithmic trust. Elevate your event with a visionary committed to ethics,...


Volker Hirsch

Futurist, entrepreneur and technological expert guiding organisations through the future of technology

travels from UK

Volker Hirsch has been at the forefront of technology since the 2000s as an entrepreneur, senior executive, advisor, angel investor and VC. He is an active angel investor in education, AI, health and big data. He has founded and co-founded a total...


Andre Daughty

Experienced educational consultant and teacher inspiring administrators to make a difference in education.

travels from USA

Speaker Andre Daughty has almost 2 decades of experience in education and 10 years of experience as a public speaker. His passion for education has led him to serve as an educational technology instructor, an educational consultant and a workshop...


Gabe Zichermann

Gamification and technology expert providing businesses with strategies to improve marketing and costumer engagement

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Gabe Zichermann is the world’s foremost gamification expert. He is an experienced public speaker and a favorite among many when it comes to user and customer engagement. Gabe is also the co-founder of the behavior change software...

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About Gaming

  • This topic on gaming is all about people in the games industry who is part of  a business that continues to grow.
  • Games has the ability to create immersive, expansive, and exploratory experiences for the players, meanwhile create a viable business options for small indie developers and large corporations.
  • Furthermore, the term ‘gamer’ has become broadened with the introduction of casual games and mobile games and now you could argue everyone is essentially a gamer.
  • Gaming has become a part of our everyday life and its influence continues to grow.
  • Our speaking engagements on gaming talks about the future of games as an artform, business model, and technical improvements and looks at the challenges ahead.
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