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Volker Hirsch

Navigating the future of technology
Country: UK

Futurist and speaker Volker Hirsch has been at the forefront of technology since the 2000s. He is an active angel investor in education technology, AI, IoT and big data. In addition he has founded and co-founded a total of 7 companies to date.

Photo: Emanual Vivier

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Speaker Volker Hirsch is a futurist because everyone must be. We are shaping tomorrow’s world and we need to think ahead. His talks help organisations future-proof their businesses and guide them through change.

Volker has 15+ years of speaking experience, as well as an understanding of the latest in tech startups. As a venture capitalist he sees the innovations often years before they reach the awareness of the general public.

Not only is he knowledgeable about current technologies, but he has also been at the forefront of industries that were once described “niche” since 2000 (mobile phones). He helped launch the world’s first mobile music services (with Britney Spears, Duran Duran and Snoop Dogg amongst others) and published games on tiny mobile (feature) phones (including Call of Duty 3, X-Men 3 and the first titles for a small studio called Rovio – later of Angry Birds fame). Previously, Volker was the Chief Strategy Officer at Scoreloop, a mobile social gaming platform, which he helped grow to 450m users. When the company got acquired by BlackBerry, he served as its Global Head of Business Development – Games.

Volker is an M&A lawyer by original profession and still a member of the German bar in good standing. Today, his focus is on education, IoT, AI, big data and – still – games.

    Keynote by speaker Volker Hirsch

    Virtual Reality – human-machine interface

    • In this talk speaker Volker Hirsch demystifies virtual reality (VR).
    • He will open your mind to what VR could do for you and your business.
    • Volker has spent 15 years in the gaming industry, where VR and gamification came early.


    Keynote by speaker Volker Hirsch

    Future of Data

    • Highlight interplay between big data, artificial intelligence, IOT
    • Customizable for any industry


    Keynote by speaker Volker Hirsch

    AI and the future of work

    • This talk helps you harness your employees’ talents to prevent them becoming redundant in the future of work.
    • A great talk for companies looking to future-proof their employees.
    • Can be tailored to a variety of audiences, including HR people, talent development and senior management.


    Keynote by speaker Volker Hirsch

    Education Technology & Lifelong learning

    • Volker Hirsch is a knowledgeable speaker on education technology.
    • He has extensive experience as a venture partner in Emerge, Europe’s leading EdTech accelerator.


    Keynote by speaker Volker Hirsch

    Practical Guidance for Technology Startups

    • In this talk, angel investor and tech futurist Volker Hirsch explains how to raise funding & build a startup.
    • A sought-after talk for technology conferences and more.
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