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Andre Daughty

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Educational Consultant, Child Development Mentor

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Speaker Andre Daughty has almost 2 decades of experience in education and 10 years of experience as a public speaker. His passion for education has led him to serve as an educational technology instructor, an educational consultant and a workshop presenter. Through his keynote presentations, Andre informs and inspires audiences in order to improve education.


  • Andre Daughty speaks from his own 20 year experience in education, how to successfully empower and motivate students for self-advancement in school as well as personal endeavors
  • Daughtys objective is to entertain, uplift and provide audience members with opportunities to reflect upon their practice in a empowering and motivating way.  This too helps with self-analyzation leading to growth.
  • Speaker Andre provides audience members the opportunity to grasp why our world needs change agents and how to successfully become one while actively staying inspired.


If you observe children, they will teach you how to teach them.” — Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

When teacher & keynote speaker Andre Daughty heard this line, his philosophy of education shifted – and he embarked on a journey to improve education. With great success, Andre observed the students in his own classroom, at the elementary and secondary level. This allowed him to differentiated curriculum and projects based on his students’ interests.

As a keynote speaker Andre Daughty shares his uplifting true stories from his almost 2 decades in education. Hear about his educational experiences, such as the time he taught 70 students in one room for the entire school year while also sharing best practices, developing and high-quality professional development through projects! Speaker Andre Daughty provides workshops and professional development seminars that involve high energy, practical ways to use today’s strategies, collaboration and fun stories to create a deep connection between the audience and the content of his talk.

Andre is passionate about inspiring tomorrow’s administrators through workshops, speaking engagements, seminars and embedded coaching experiences. He is highly sought after to speak and present in workshops nationwide to students, educators and organizations. His genuine and touching talks make audiences laugh, cry and nod their heads in recognition.

See keynotes with Andre Daughty

    Speaker Andre Daughty Keynote Topics:

    Keynote by Andre Daughty

    FROM PRESCHOOL TO PRISON: Engaging Today’s Generation!

    • Observing the dramatic high to the dreadful lows of children’s enthusiasm on education from pre-school to high school, Key note speaker Daughty speaks on the roadblocks and obstacles that hinder children, especially those of color, from academic success but funnel them directly into the criminal justice system
    • This key note explores the gap originated and how schools, districts and communities are combating the preschool to the prison pipeline. He shows, inspires and explores the possibility of surviving to thriving.
    • This general session provides awareness to help steer students away from the preschool to prison but rather preschool to prosperity by using practical strategies to engage students with research based protocols, culture builders, technology and of the therapy of it all, laughter!

    Keynote by Andre Daughty


    • Interested in Project based learning to enhance your units of authentically and engagement activity? PBL is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for a fixed period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem or challenges
    • This key note explores how PBL is engaging and transformative for all students in any grade level and how to apply it accordingly
    • This session provides audience members an overview of the PBL method using the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) model.

    Keynote by Andre Daughty


    • Everyone knows YouTube as the video manual capital of the world. However, did you know there is so much more you can do?
    • Attendees at this session will explore different ways to use YouTube as well as discovering ways to save those YouTube clips that you have come to love.
    • This is an interactive “Play with Me” session where attendees participate and learn several new strategies while using their devices. Devices are encouraged for this session.

    Keynote by Andre Daughty


    • Could you use a few strategies to further engage your students within the classroom setting? This session provides practical ways to establish and maintain culture using energizers/brain breaks, anecdotes, examples and protocols.
    • This is not a sit and get session. Be prepared to have fun as we build culture and engage students!

    Keynote by Andre Daughty


    • What happens if your story stays silent? Who is going to tell your story? Who will tell your students’ stories if their voices are silenced? There is power in your students’ stories. There is power in your story.
    • The keynote explores examples of transformational stories for schools and/or organizations culture.
    • The general session provides opportunity to create and to start sharing your stories online.

    Keynote by Andre Daughty


    • With over seven billion people in the world constantly connected through the Internet, there are opportunities to inspire anyone across the world. It only takes one person’s voice to make a difference in a school, neighborhood, community, city and beyond.
    • This keynote explores examples of voices changing the trajectory of thousands of people’s lives and how those strategies continue to work around the world.
    • This keynote is geared towards students and adults.
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