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Lee Jackson

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Award-winning in-person or online Motivational Speaker, best selling author of 12 books including Get Good® At Life (2023) and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association in the Uk & Ireland.

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Our keynote speaker Lee Jackson is both entertaining and relevant.  He delivers content which truly changes lives and makes workplaces more productive and effective.  He has helped audiences all over the world achieve results fast and has useful tools and strategies that solve current business problems.  Lee will motivate and entertain the audience. He delivers keynote speeches and interactive training sessions helping people to Get Good® At Work. 
His on-site and online sessions are extremely engaging and fresh, no death by PowerPoint guaranteed! 

Lee is a speaker, researcher, and best selling author of 12 books. He isn’t a ‘celebrity’ speaker, he’s never bungee jumped from the summit of Everest, he doesn’t have a world record – in fact he doesn’t even like camping very much!
But he is a great speaker with life-changing content that can make a big difference in your people’s lives and your workplace.

Born in the North East of England, and now residing in Leeds, UK. ‘Lee from Leeds’ has over twenty-five years of experience speaking and working in very challenging situations including prisons, schools, a cruise ship (once!), SME’s, charities and corporates. Over the years he has worked with many businesses and organisations including Specsavers, ADT, Santander, NHS Trusts, Vodafone, Yorkshire Bank, Addleshaw Goddard, AXA, Russell Group Universities and many more including Housing Associations, and in Education. He is also a past President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland.

He solves two big problems for a business. 

1 – Staff motivation, especially now they are working from home
2 – Poor pitches and presentations, costing your business money.

1. Get Good® At Life and Work
In this keynote, Lee helps your teams to understand and grasp the power of connection, motivation and true relsince.
He helps and encourages them to understand themselves and their motivations better and to help them become more efficient and creative.

2. Get Good® At Presenting
How to present and pitch with confidence and authenticity.
From learning to use the audience or the camera, through to the planning and delivery of powerful, persuasive and authentic presentations and NOT the usual death by PowerPoint.

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    Keynote by Speaker Lee Jackson


    Get Good® At Life and Work 

    There are 4 main areas to Get Good® At Work From Home.

    1. Motivation. 
    What is motivation?
    How do we keep ourselves motivated day-to-day? And understanding the factors that get us to work.
    Lee covers areas of understanding “The Why” i.e. why we go to work, tapping into our personal drivers.
    When we understand how we tick it really helps our day-to-day work.

    2. Productivity.
    Sharing tips and tricks to keep productive while in or away from the office, with tips on focusing better, beating procrastination.

    3. Resilience. 
    Or as Lee refers to it as, the ‘Keeping On Going’. He’ll share stories and tips to help us keep going including encouraging them to communicate well as a team and support each other in challenging times.

    Delivery method.
    Lee delivers this content either in-person or online to any platform you need him to use. Lee delivers with passion and enthusiasm to make it feel different and engaging. It won’t be a standard talk. Using great stories and quick-moving content from his research he keeps audiences listening and interested to make it more memorable.

    Length of the sessions. 
    Lee can do a 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 or 90-minute version of this with Q+A, and would just adjust it as is needed.
    So it can be ideal for a keynote, a ‘lunch and learn’ or for a ‘learning burst’, or something a little longer.

    Recorded or live? 
    I think that this would be best delivered live in-person or remotely with built-in interaction and Q+A to deepen the learning. He can also do one or two little recap videos too for this work which he often does for clients, with a handout and a link to a dedicated follow-up webpage.
    Delegates love that.

    Get Good® At Presenting 

    The no-nonsense guide to authentic and engaging pitches and presentations.

    Participants will learn how to Get Good® at preparing and delivering presentations and pitches. They will deliver upfront with greater personal confidence. They will also learn to deal with their anxiety that can make them nervous while presenting. They will also learn to be more authentic and make them less reliant on scripts and overly complex slides.
    They will be able to draw up a personal action plan of skills to be developed further.

    By the end of the keynote or session, attendees will have the skills to design simpler, more effective talks and deliver more authentic engaging talks that will motivate and connect with their audiences much better.

    Get to the core of their message to make their planning and delivery simpler.
    Understand that great stories simply make talks more memorable.
    Discern the difference that a good handout can make to help simplify their talks.
    Recognise that their bad thought routines make them anxious.
    To be bigger, bolder and more confident when speaking.

    Lasting Impact and Approach:
    When asked to do a presentation, after attending this session, participants don’t automatically use bullet points and a blank PowerPoint template.
    People have noticed a positive change in the simplicity and authenticity of their delivery.

    Lee is not a trainer who delivers occasional presentation coaching, he’s a genuine award-winning professional speaker.
    Speaking is what he does – that makes an enormous difference.
    His content is funny, engaging, well researched, but above all usable.
    Leaders have changed their lacklustre presentations after his sessions and it’s made a difference to their organisations and their profit.
    Lee’s approach is very practical, down-to-earth and it works.

    Other keynote topics with Lee Jackson 

    • motivation
    • wellbeing
    • resilience
    • staff
    • teams
    • productivity
    • presentation skills
    • pitching

Watch speaker Lee Jackson in action!

See keynotes with Lee Jackson
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Keynote topics with Lee Jackson