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Scott Burrows

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Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

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Inspiring storyteller and speaker Scott Burrows delivers success strategies to help your organization stand up to any challenge. By embracing adversity and ongoing change. Scott has delivered his keynotes in 45 states and in countries all over the world including Australia, Spain, India, and Canada.

No matter what challenges you’re facing, the true measure of success is how well you respond to change, self-doubt, setbacks, and fear. If you’re not equipped to conquer obstacles to your personal and professional growth, you—and your organization—will be left behind.

As audiences worldwide have discovered, Scott Burrows’ compelling story is the hero’s journey, providing what will be an unforgettable and lasting memory to inspire your audience to stand up to any challenge. Using his physical paralysis as a visual metaphor, Scott reveals how to drive results using the same mental focus that helped him reinvent his life after his catastrophic accident.


Scott’s Unforgettable Story


Growing up, speaker Scott Burrows was a star athlete and fierce competitor. By the age of 19, he played college football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kickboxing Black Belt Champion whose victorious last fight was broadcast on ESPN.

On the night Scott celebrated this thrilling achievement, his life suddenly changed forever. Involved in a catastrophic car accident as a passenger in his friend’s car, Scott broke two vertebrae in his neck and suffered a serious spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed a quadriplegic. But Scott refused to be limited by any physical challenges.

After graduating from college, Scott’s was as a Financial Advisor in the Insurance and Financial Industry for Northwestern Mutual. He specialized in life and disability insurance planning as well as retirement, estate and wealth planning. In his 5th year, he hit a huge goal and qualified for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Premiere Association of Financial Professionals.

Scott was so inspired by the keynote speakers at the MDRT conference in 1994 that he made the tough decision to leave a profession he had so much passion for and instead pursue speaking and motivating others to achieve their highest goals—a career that has impacted many lives for the better.




In his talks, speaker Scott Burrows will show you firsthand how to apply the same timeless principles of VISION, MINDSET & GRIT that have had a profound impact on his life. These three simple yet powerful words can absolutely change the direction of both your personal and professional life. Setting the stage for developing cutting-edge ideas and leadership strategies that will benefit your entire company.


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    Speaker Scott Burrows Keynote Topics


    Keynote by Speaker Scott Burrows


    Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge


    • Learn how to create a clear Vision that entices you to Take Action
    • Examine the benefits of Dreaming in Full Color
    • Discover the impact of connecting your organization to a Shared Vision
    • Find out how Visualization can give you that Competitive Advantage


    • Learn how to create an unstoppable Mindset that revolves around Poise and Execution
    • Examine the Mindset of Letting It Happen and Breaking the Fall Line
    • Discover how to not let your Mindset Become Your Biggest Handicap
    • Understand how the Power of Forgiveness, a leadership trait can restore hope and lead  greater productivity
    • Find out how Asking the “What” Questions can help you navigate the chaos of adversity


    • Learn what it takes to Stretch Yourself beyond your paralyzed state
    • Examine why your Willingness to Fail But Your Unwillingness to Quit is a leadership trait
    • Discover Gritty strategies to help you Stand Up to Any Challenge
    • Understand what it really means to Go with What Scares You and Never Give Up
    • Cultivate ways to Unlock your Grit by finding that Blessman in your life

    Scott’s keynotes can be delivered on diversity and inclusion, pharmaceutical industry, sales, financial industry, health industry, education and safety.


Interview with Scott Burrows

Who or what inspires you most?

My fiancé, Kim Fedele. She humbles me. And Art Berg who inspired me not to give up pursuing a speaking career

Have you had any particularly memorable experiences during your speaking career?

My round the world trip. One company flew me 1st class around the world to do 3 speaking events. Gone 1-month. Started in San Francisco, then the Gold Coast of Australia, then Prague. Lots of downtime and site seeing between events including a few extra days in Hong Kong

What are 3 habits you think are important for achieving success?

  • You have to know what you are fighting for – Vision
  • You have to focus on what you can control as opposed to obsessing what you cannot change – Mindset
  • You have to be willing to discipline yourself daily when it comes to reaching any goal, regardless of the little things you have to do and as tedious as they may appear and especially when all else beckons you to give in or maintain the status quo. – Grit

What has been the most difficult obstacle you overcame?

  • Being paralyzed from the chest down at the age of 19. Physically paralyzed.
  • Experiencing divorce at the age of 47. Emotionally paralyzed.

How do audiences typically gain from your keynote presentations?

It really depends on what is happening in their life and the challenges they are facing. One person may take-away one thing and another something completely different. I’m sharing that because I have had multiple experiences like this and the outcome is always the same.

I had one guy watch me speak 4 times over 1 ½ years to different sales groups around the country within his company. At the end of the 4th event, he introduced himself. He said, this is the 4th time I’ve seen you, I said, wow, that’s great, but I hope I didn’t bore you with the same presentation. He said, are you kidding me? I took something completely different away from your talk each time. It had to do with what was happening in my life in those moments. It was impactful.

How much does humor factor into your talks?

A lot. I use my story as the backdrop to my keynote presentation. The humor gives my audience time to breath, digest and absorb.

See keynotes with Scott Burrows
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