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Catalyzing Longevity: A Health Revolution

Susanna Søberg

travels from Denmark

Transform your team's well-being with Dr. Søberg's revolutionary insights. Experience the power of natural stressors for enhanced productivity.

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Transform your event with Susanna Søberg's keynotes! Elevate your team's performance and well-being through cutting-edge insights in metabolism and health. Uncover the keys to longevity and productivity.

Why you should book Susanna Søberg for your next event

  • Strategic Well-Being: Elevate your team’s well-being strategically—Dr. Søberg delivers tools for a resilient and high-performing corporate culture.
  • Productivity Secrets: Uncover productivity secrets through Dr. Søberg’s keynotes, arming your team with the tools to achieve peak performance.
  • Published Authority: Dr. Søberg’s published works attest to her achievements, offering your audience insights from an authoritative source in health science.

Meet Dr. Susanna Søberg, a leading expert in health science. With a Ph.D. in metabolism, she started her journey in 2013, aiming to make science practical for everyday life. As the founder of The Soeberg Institute, she’s globally recognized for her Søberg Principle, backed by Stanford’s Dr. Andrew Huberman.

Beyond her academic achievements, Dr. Søberg’s book, “Winter Swimming,” breaks down the science of cold water benefits in simple language, available in 13 languages.

Dr. Søberg doesn’t just share knowledge—she transforms organizations. Her keynotes focus on practical insights into metabolism, longevity, and well-being, giving teams tools for better performance. Her talks revolve around boosting productivity and creating a resilient corporate culture.

Her pioneering research and global recognition set Dr. Søberg apart. She’s not just an academic; she’s a guide for a balanced approach to health and success. Endorsed by experts, her keynotes promise a real impact, helping organizations not just survive but thrive in the changing world of well-being. Invite Dr. Susanna Søberg to your event—a catalyst for positive change and a healthier corporate life.

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Keynote by speaker Susanna Søberg


In Susanna Søberg’s lecture, you embark on a scientific journey worldwide—exploring ancient wisdom and recent research to uncover why embracing both cold and heat is key. Learn how it can extend life, reduce stress, and enhance happiness.

Presented in accessible language, the talk draws from scientific studies in biochemistry, metabolism, neurology, and physiology. Research is contextualized with insights from global experts and individuals whose lives have been revitalized by embracing the transformative power of cold.

Keynote by speaker Susanna Søberg


For thousands of years, humans subjected themselves to cold and heat, believing it kept them healthy. That knowledge has been lost, and as a result, we now fear extreme temperatures—especially the cold. Susanna Søberg’s research on metabolism and the nervous system reveals that a little “microstress” with cold, heat, and controlled breathing can prevent chronic stress and lifestyle diseases.

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