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Humorous and Interactive, Speaker "Coach D" engages audience members with his own personal testimonies. Catch Coach D in action!

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews

travels from USA

Motivational strategist, speaker & trainer

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Keynote speaker Darrell Andrews is a global leader in the areas of organizational core values implementation, teamwork and leadership synergy. He is known as a “motivational strategist” who helps his audiences build “cultures of success” via creating organization wide paradigm shifts that lead to growth mindsets, productivity and workplace harmony.

“Motivation without information is simply a good conversation”

America’s passion coach and motivational speaker Darrell Andrews is the go-to guy when it comes to creating winning business. His high energy keynotes are popular among Fortune 50 companies such as Walmart and Verizon as well as corporations, schools and workforce development agencies around the world. Speaker Darrell Andrews has even been called on as an expert on countless radio and television programs.

“My audiences attend events for motivation, yet in order to impact teams and culture—they need to put systems in place that lead to ongoing motivation”

For 20 years as a motivational speaker Darrell Andrews has inspired and fired up audiences worldwide. He takes great pride in assuring that his audiences walk away with practical follow-up strategies. Plus, he practices what he preaches! It takes “Teamwork To Make The Dream work!

“Coach D” originated as a “Pilot” workforce development program. However, Darrell’s principles of CORE (Concentration, Optimism, Resilience and Expectations) helped him and his staff grow it to one of the most successful workforce development systems in the United States of America. 

Keynote speaker Darrell Andrews, “Coach D” was nominated by his speaking peers as the Chairperson of the National Speakers Association’s “CSP” Committee. The CSP (Certified Speaking Professionals) is one of the highest association honors given to professional speakers worldwide by the National Speakers Association. He and his team of volunteers “revamped” the CSP to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism in the industry. Being nominated by his peers, who are some of the top speakers in the world–is a testimony of his impact on the industry on a global level.

By booking Darrell “Coach D” Andrews your audience will learn from a professional that has been recognized by his peers and his customers to be one of the best of the best.  You will enjoy a high level of motivation, coupled with hands-on and easy to implement strategies.

See keynotes with Darrell “Coach D” Andrews

    Keynote by Speaker Darrell Andrews


    • Teamwork That Makes The Dreamwork – Real world team development and synergy strategies that produce results!
    • Synergy! The Power of Core Values On Organizational Success-Motivational – strategies on implementing impactful systems of company core values.
    • Attitude Is More Than Everything! We will explore the unequalled power of attitude on corporate success!

    Keynote by Speaker Darrell Andrews


    • Building Cultures of School Success – The power of staff teamwork and synergy to build school success!
    • Motivating Challenged Students – Emphasizing the importance of motivation and expectations to help challenged students overcome obstacles to success.
    • Perception Modification – Helping education systems modify personal and organizational perceptions that lead to failure and lack of achievement.

    Keynote by Speaker Darrell Andrews

    Workforce Development

    • Creating a Successful Workforce Development Culture – Motivating Workforce Development professionals to synergize around success goals and strategies.
    • Workforce Success Motivation – We will discuss the importance of motivational systems that impact workforce development client success.
    • The Unequaled Power of Passion – An in-depth analysis of the power of organizational passion in workforce development goal achievement.


“Both of your workshops and keynote at our conference were rated highly by our attendees, One of our attendees commented: “Coach D made this conference worth attending. He provided information that I could use and implement soon as I left the conference. He was knowledgeable and engaging.

Linda Blake

Executive Director, Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association

“Coach D your keynote speech “Connecting, Solving, Succeeding-Developing The Passion To Close The Gap” was a hit at our Annual Convention. Thank you for contributing to our success

Nancy Reviere

Director of Convention and Recognition Programs | National Association of Secondary School Principals

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of services as a youth contractor for both the Delaware Private Industry Council and Workforce Investment Board. We have been able to count on your integrity and cooperation at every point."

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith | Program Manager | Delaware Department of Labor

“Coach D you are one of the most awesome presenters in the land. Thank you for doing your part to make our conference a success!

Julie Holan

Director of Marketing Communications | First Data International

Interview with Darrell Andrews

What got you interested in motivational speaking?

2 decades ago I sold Diagnostics Systems for Abbott Laboratories, a Fortune 500 company.  During my time there, they had a tape lending library. When I would do my daily sales calls, I would pop Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and others to listen to for motivation. I eventually became a top sales producer for Abbott and I realized it was listening to the motivational messages on a daily basis that helped me to do so. It was then that I decided that I wanted to use my oratory gifts to do the same for others. It was then that I decided that speaking was my passion and desire. The influence of great speakers influenced me to pursue becoming the same.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

Too many to mention one but I will give it a try.  I was invited to speak in Nairobi, Kenya to business leaders there.  To my surprise, the expected small group quadrupled in size!  I enjoyed speaking in Nairobi to business leaders there because they were like sponges. I ended up speaking there multiple days because they wanted to learn and grow and were hungry for knowledge. It did not take much to motivate them because they wanted to be motivated. They wanted to grow their businesses, engage their staffs and increase their business possibilities. Nairobi is an emerging market with great business potential.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

One of my mentors was Zig Ziglar. He told the many of us who he mentored over the years “If you are not adding humor into your speeches, don’t speak.” A keynote audience is coming to be inspired, engaged, informed and enlightened. The seasoned keynote speaker understands that you need a confluence of all the aforementioned. My audiences love the humor I add and are very much open to the strategies and insights I share in the presentation.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

One of my world renowned lines is “Motivation without information is simply a good conversation.”  This is why I call myself a “Motivational Strategist.” Companies and organizations pay me tens of thousands of dollars annually to speak, train and consult. As much as I want my audience to be entertained, my background in corporate as well a community leadership tells me that they need to be informed.

The word “Motive” is derived from “Motivation.” A motive is an inner state that is driven by a goal! People who attend my events walk away with a changed inner state that is fueled by the pursuit of goals. I want them to as motivated by achievement of goals and objectives as listening to me speak on the stage!

What inspires you; what motivates the motivator?

Speaking impacts people more than anything. I am inspired when people tell me their life, career or circumstance was changed by my speech or training. I am motivated by seeing organizations and individuals motivated to maximize their potential.  I am also motivated by my amazing family. I have been married for 24 years and have 4 of the most amazing kids on the planet. They are my daily fuel and inspiration!

Describe yourself in 3 words

  • Passionate
  • Strategic
  • Committed
See keynotes with Darrell “Coach D” Andrews
Non-binding request for Darrell “Coach D” Andrews

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