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Kathy Buckley

travels from USA

Author, popular comedienne and actress delivering motivational and powerful self-improvement keynotes

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Our keynote speaker Kathy Buckley is a charming and popular comedienne, author, actress and praised public speaker. Overcoming obstacles such as hearing impairment, a violent jeep accident, and ovarian cancer has made Kathy a strong and devoted individual with a mission to entertain and educate people. She delivers powerful self-improvement keynotes which help people achieve success.

Comedienne, actress, and motivational speaker Kathy Buckley is also a bestselling author. Her book, IF YOU COULD HEAR WHAT I SEE, will have you laughing and crying as you experience the amazing story of her life.

Known as “America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne,” she is a five-time AMERICAN COMEDY AWARD Nominee (1995-99) as Best Stand-Up Female Comedienne.

However, success was far from her mind the first time Kathy stood the world of comedy on its ear.  On a dare from a friend, she entered the comedy contest “Stand-up Comics Take a Stand,” in 1988.  She was nervous, not because it was her first time performing comedy on stage, or even the fact that she couldn’t hear the audience response except by vibrations through the stage floor.  Her nervousness stemmed from the fact that she was competing against comedians who had been in the business for years.

But Kathy forged ahead, she won fourth place, and soon began touring the U.S., playing major comedy venues like: Caroline’s (New York City); Catch a Rising Star (Las Vegas, Reno); The Improv (West Hollywood) and many others.  She quickly became one of the most popular comediennes in the country with material based on, among other things, her hearing loss.  That impairment, however, is only one of many hurdles Kathy has encountered in her life.  Her poor performance in second grade landed her in a school for retarded and physically impaired children.  It took almost a year for school administrators, psychologists and audiologists to discover it was her severe hearing loss and not a lack of mental acuity that was impeding her speech and language development.

During her late teens, Kathy’s life was interrupted when she was run over by a jeep while sunbathing on a beach.  As a result, she experienced intermittent paralysis in her legs.  Her recovery took almost five years.  Then, just six years later, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Undaunted by adversity, she was selected from among hundreds of performers to showcase her talents at The National Association for Campus Activities Convention.  That appearance made her a favorite of the college campus circuit.

Kathy’s popular appeal, unique persona and refreshing sense of humor has attracted the attention of numerous television comedy shows, entertainment news programs, talk shows and magazines.  She has guested on The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno and The Howard Stern Show.  She has been featured in various national magazines including People as one of their most touching stories of 1997, and profiled on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Inside Edition, Turner Entertainment Report, Fox & Friends, CNN’s Show Biz Today, Real Life, Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee, and many more.

In one of her many special projects, Kathy was the focus of I Can Hear the Laughter, a 1991 Emmy award-winning documentary. Her transition from stand-up comic to acclaimed theatrical performer and actress was further enhanced by her recent guest-starring role on the CBS hit series Touched by an Angel.

Although she regularly receives national media attention, Kathy Buckley is more than just a popular comic. Her humor has a higher purpose.  “My comedy disarms people,” says Kathy.  “I love to make people laugh, but I love it even more if I can teach them something at the same time.”  And, that is exactly what she did in New York while starring in Now Hear This!

She backs up that philosophy by tirelessly performing on behalf of nonprofit and educational organizations such as: the MDA Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, Children’s hospitals and the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon, and many others.

Kathy is a highly sought after motivational speaker for such high profile organizations as Power of Women, and Anthony Robbins’ Life Mastery Classes.  Though she works to entertain and enlighten people of all ages, her heart belongs to children. “Every child deserves to have a real childhood,” Kathy asserts. “They should have healthy role models to show them that people do care about them deeply.”

Kathy and her partner Jay Bakerink founded Infinity Heart Productions, which brought her impeccable motivational skills to video in HEAR THIS!  The tape, written and produced by both Kathy and Jay, defines Kathy’s belief that “labels are placed on us by society and need to be removed to see what gifts really lay beneath.”

Whether performing in a comedy club, guesting on television, dazzling theatre audiences, speaking publicly, teaching at camps for the deaf, or appearing in any number of other venues, Kathy Buckley bears the message that anything can be achieved when the heart and mind work together.

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    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley 

    • No Labels, No Limits
    • ”Your Words, Friend or Foe?” – Making your words your best friend
    • ”The Power and Wisdom of Choice” or “The Power of Choice.” – The gift of Choice and how to use it wisely
    • The Force of Forgiveness” or “The Strength of Forgiveness.” – Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, the Blessings you will receive is when you let go.

    Your name represents the core existence of who you are.


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Corporations

    • Keynote speaker, Human resource, Diversity, Self advocating, Community out reach
    • Choosing the positive, Anything can be achieved, Eliminating Your Fear
    • Self Esteem, Self-Awareness, Self-Growth
    • Leadership
    • Bring back the word through respectful communication
    • Motivation creates balance


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Christian Groups

    • Gratitude, Faith
    • Empowerment, Overcoming Obstacles
    • Grievance, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Trust
    • Child of God within, Pissing off the devil, God has a sense of Humor
    • Self Esteem, Self-Awareness, Self-Growth
    • Choose your words wisely, Eliminating Your Fear
    • Know that you are never alone, The human spirit


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Hospitals

    • Listening skills, Communication, Asking the right questions, Choosing your words wisely
    • Bedside manners, Dealing with Families
    • Touch, Eliminating  Fears, Burnout


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Women’s Groups

    • Reinvent yourself, Stripping your labels
    • Appreciation, Gratitude
    • Never ask yourself, “Why?”; Ask”How do I make this better?”
    • Courage to keep a positive attitude to strengthen individuality
    • Motivation creates a balanced life through communication
    • Finding Your Safe Place, Overcoming Obstacles
    • Self Esteem, Self-Awareness, Self-Growth
    • Making your words your best friend
    • Bring forth the best of you
    • Laugh with yourself, Forgiveness and letting go


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for College

    • Finding your direction (way), Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Personal Goals
    • Self Esteem, Self –Awareness, Self Growth
    • Leadership
    • Self Advocating, Community outreach
    • Find your inter courage, Letting go of the pressure, Contribution
    • Friendship, Fitting in, The future is yours


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Early Childhood Leadership – Education / Educators

    • Communications
    • Patience, Labeling
    • Listening, Appreciation
    • Parents advocacy, Leadership, Human spirit, Respect
    • How positive thinking can solve you problem
    • Reinvent your class


    Keynotes by Speaker Kathy Buckley for Teens/ Youth Leadership

    • Individuality
    • Bullying
    • Respect, How to express one self, Self esteem, Acceptance
    • Parent’s issue, Sibling’s issue
    • Labeling
    • Leadership
    • Finding Your Safe Place
    • Making your words your best friend
    • Self Esteem, Self-Awareness, Self-Growth
    • Laugh with yourself, Eliminating Your Fear, Recreating yourself
    • Friendship
    • Making your words your best friend – you have this listed already
    • Addictions, Peer pressure, You are not alone
    • How to say “No”, Finding your way…fitting in, Self-Image
    • How to find love in all the right places
    • Asking for help
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Interview with Kathy Buckley

How would you describe yourself?
Funny, inspirational, compassionate, lively, motivating and most importantly…my faith, and well others make think…crazy…. about life that is!

Can you tell us about your talk ‘No Labels, No Limits’?
I found that over the years that people put labels on others that lead to limitations, sadly enough people put labels on themselves which stops them from succeeding.  So I show them how to remove the labels by showing them how use their words in a positive way. So that they can move forward in life.

What is your biggest drive and inspiration when facing obstacles?
Is knowing that I am loved and supported.  This helps when faced with obstacles that are nothing more than a challenge to succeed.

What is the best experience you have had as a keynote speaker?
The best experience I have had is discovering that I have been blessed to a voice to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why should event planners choose to use you for their next event?
I’m entertaining and motivational.  I can have you laughing one minute and crying the next.

See keynotes with Kathy Buckley
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