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Chris Bashinelli

TV Host, Nat Geo Explorer and professional Speaker
Country: USA

Chris Bashinelli is an outstandingly charismatic speaker. He has spoken worldwide, from the United Nations General Assembly Hall to Fortune 500 companies. In his speeches Chris Bashinelli motivates people to step out of their comfort zones and explore their possibilities in a very unique way.

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Chris Bashinelli was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. It was there where he discovered what it means to respect and listen to people without paying attention to their backgrounds. Being unbiased and open minded about anything is one of the most important messages Chris wants to transmit to his audience.

Starting to work as an actor from a very young age, he gave up his career with 20 to follow a higher mission. Chris Bashinelli wants to empower each and everyone in the world to become a global citizen, productive member of an organization, a family, and ultimately- the world!

Chris Bashinelli has shared the stage with people like Stevie Wonder, Dr. Jane Goodall and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. His talent is to bring his audience on an inspirational journey, coupled with stunning video footage and thought-provoking exercises. He provides the practical tools needed to grow businesses, connect with others and contribute to humanity.

    GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – From Brooklyn to the World

    A Guide to Unleashing your Potential & Contributing to Humanity
    How can a kid from Brooklyn attract major sponsorships from companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and create an International TV show featured on PBS? Join this expedition from the slums of Haiti to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro to push your boundaries of what’s possible in business and in life. Colored with engaging audience participation and jaw-dropping footage, Bash shares how we can unleash our potential by adopting an unwavering commitment to serve others.


    Rules of the “Stoop”

    The 3 Simple Steps for Connecting with the “Other”
    What does it mean to respect people no matter where they come from, what nationality they are, or how they treat you? By finding our metaphorical “stoop”, or place of common ground”- in our work place- be it a Mongolian wrestling dojo or a South Dakota Ranch- we can strengthen any relationship. Join Bash on this interpersonal expedition to “stoops” around the world.


    Inner Nomad

    The Key to Unlocking Your Soul’s Compass
    Chris Bashinelli has harvested Buffalo with Native Americans in Pine Ridge, lived as a nomad in Mongolia, escaped from venomous Uganda and worked side by side with individuals from countless corners of the Earth. By walking in other people’s shoes we begin to see, that from understanding comes respect.


    Ignore the Noise

    Life Lessons for Ignoring the “Noise” and Discovering your Passion
    Have you ever been uncertain of your life’s direction after graduation? Chris Bashinelli, shares concrete examples colored by international adventures that help us ignore the noise and find meaning in our lives. At 20 years old Chris gave up his acting career, moved to Tanzania and discovered his true calling. How can I create my own venture? How can I raise money for my mission? How can I be sure this is my path? Chris Bashinelli can’t give you the answer, but he’ll give you a very good start.