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Dr. Wided Batat

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Professor, Author, Editor, Keynote Speaker, Business Trainer, Ethnographer, CX/UX Designer & Entrepreneur Wided Batat is the ultimate marketing expert

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Speaker Dr. Wided Batat is a professor and doctor of experiential and digital marketing. As the founder of B&C Consulting Group, Wided directs and carries out significant research in experiential marketing in France, Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. Her fascinating marketing, digital transformation and generational keynotes captivate audiences globally and offered both in French and English. Moreover, Wided also offers solid research-based marketing workshops and training tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Why you should book speaker Dr. Wided Batat

  • Wided is one of the best marketing experts in the world: as a university researcher, she carries out important work all over the world. Booking her gets an outstanding expert of experiential and digital marketing.
  • Her keynotes are highly customisable as she can tailor her keynotes to the need of your organisation – and she is available for keynotes both in English and French.

“To innovate is to understand today the world of tomorrow by adopting ethnography as a new tool of study and the 7Es of the experiential marketing mix to create innovative, adapted, attractive and effective customer and employee experiences.” – Dr. Wided Batat

Speaker Dr. Wided Batat advises and helps companies and organizations to:

  • Conduct successful digital transformation with phygital experience: physical & digital
  • Design innovative and fruitful customer and employee experiences
  • Build business strategies that really focus on customers and employees “Customer Centric” &“Employee Centric”
  • Understand, collaborate, and achieve business objectives when targeting Digital, YouthGenerations & Millennials

As a professor and doctor of marketing at the prestigious Universities, speaker Dr. Wided Batat is the ultimate expert of experiential and digital marketing. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Wided carries out important research working in France, Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. As the founder of B&C Consulting Group, she is specialised to provide in innovative market research & consumer insights, with a focus on Experiential Marketing and ethnographic studies.

Combining scientific research and field experience, speaker Dr. Wided Batat can transform your organisation by providing innovative market research and consumer insights. Her expertise can help your business to have a constant perspective of innovation, profitability, progress and performance. Dr. Wided has also published many books in the field, her 2019 book « Experiential Marketing » is invaluable for consumer behaviour, marketing experts and executive teams.

What makes Wided outstanding as a speaker is the fact that she can customise her keynotes for the needs of the customer to a very high degree: her topics include experiential marketing, digital transformation, mass market, luxury, food, well being, territorial, Generations Z & Alpha and milennials. Speaker Dr. Wided Batat is also bilingual – she is available for keynotes both in English and French.

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Keynote by speaker Wided Batat

How to enhance the customer experience?

For companies, the integration of the experiential, digital, symbolic and emotional dimensions into the offer is
essential to create a competitive advantage by adapting to the tacit and explicit expectations of consumers. Consumption is no longer limited to the functional and tangible dimension, it is also an experience in which
the consumer is involved.

  • In this keynote, speaker Wided Batat takes the audience on a journey to learn about
    consumer cultures, quality of experience, teamwork, experience management and digital marketing.
  • The keynote will give you a solid and applicable knowledge about the customer experience.  Moreover, Wided will also tell you many important takeaways and the best practices in the area.
Keynote by speaker Wided Batat

Improve the digital customer experience of your business

In the context of digital transformation, many companies are aware that the relationship between an organisation and the customer changing constantly. For this reason, the purpose of this conference is to help you adapt your customer experience and make it more innovative and powerful.

  • During this keynote, speaker Wided Batat will present you a set of practices and tools that you
    will need to put in place to create a successful digital customer experience.
  • This keynote provides many great takeaways for everyone interested in the evolution of the customer relationship. Through analyzing French and international companies (easyJet, Google, Amazon, etc.), Wided will give you a theoretical framework which you can also easily apply in practice.
Keynote by speaker Wided Batat

How to understand, seduce and work with Millennials

Whether apprentices, customers, or young workforces, the arrival of millennials and post-millennials questions the organization of the company and its corporate management. If millennials have already transformed company codes with new expectations, post-millennials fundamentally different from the previous generation are now disrupting the managerial practices in companies.Thus a new management model adapted is needed for a successful integration to avoid any intergenerational conflicts and develop new tools to adapt to this youth generation and integrate young professionals while developing the company’s productivity and sustainable relationships with them.

  • Different forms of interactions that incorporate new tools developed by Dr. Batat in this keynote based on her own scientific works and international expertise in the sector of youth management, models, strategies, examples from different cultural settings and sectors will be used in this keynote to help professionals to reflect on and rethink their internal and external strategies and actions targeting young people.
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Experiential Marketing by Wided Batat

See keynotes with Dr. Wided Batat
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