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Sam Richter

Sam Richter

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Sales & Marketing Expert

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Keynote speaker Sam Richter is a bestselling author as well as a sales and marketing expert. He delivers powerful programs which teach valuable tools and tricks to improve your organization’s marketing and sales strategies. Sam has helped small firms and multinational corporations how to adapt to sales and behavior to the increasingly technological world we are living in and to better connect with customers.

The Internet has resulted in a RADICAL CHANGE of the way that people buy and sell. Buyers are armed with more information than ever, and they don’t have time to waste in data gathering meetings. Yet while buying behavior has changed, people still sell in much the same way they have for the past five decades years. THAT’S CRAZY!!!

If companies’ sales and marketing departments are not taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others as tools for intelligence gathering; if they’re not using the search tricks that Google and other websites provide to learn more about prospects, clients, and competitors – THEN THEY’RE MISSING OUT ON A LOT OF BUSINESS.

As one of THE world’s foremost Sales Intelligence thought leaders, Sam Richter takes something everyone intuitively knows – Knowledge Is Power! – and turns it into reality. Every book on sales training teaches the value of knowing what’s important to the other person and connecting on a personal level. But no one really tells you HOW to do it. That is until now!

Through real-world examples, success stories (and some failures), humor, and via his unique interactive and fast-paced manner, Sam is able to guide you through a world of online information, how to find it and how to apply it to build meaningful prospect and client relationships. His programs will amaze you! you and your attendees, and he’s guaranteed to deliver one of the most high-content, take-home-value presentations your organization has ever had.

What Sam teaches is RELEVANCE ACCELERATION – the art of telling your company’s story in a manner that your buyer cares about and wants to hear. Sam’s programs are completely customized are are bound to shock you, sometimes scare you, and always provide you new and innovative ways to find new prospects, connect with people, and build powerful and meaningful business relationships.

Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales, marketing, and leadership. His award-winning experience includes building innovative technology, sales, and marketing programs for start-up companies as well as some of the world’s most famous brands.

Sam has been featured in thousands of television and radio programs, as well as numerous publications. He presents his customized Know More! keynote and training programs to audiences around the globe. He is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling.

Sam is founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More! He recently was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Sales by InsideView. He has won numerous regional, national and international marketing awards including Best of Show and Gold Awards, Webby Awards, and a Gold Award at the International Film Festival. He’s also won a Retail Vision Award and a Codie Award – the “Oscars” of the software industry – for Best E-commerce Software.

Sam obtained his B.A. from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Today, Sam lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota with his wife and their two children. He serves on the board of a number of for-profit companies, and volunteers his time to numerous non-profit organizations.

See keynotes with Sam Richter

    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Selling

    Know more than you ever thought you could (or should) about your prospects, clients, and competition.

    Business and sales is all about personal relationships. When you know more about your prospects and clients, you’re better able to relate on a personal level, build more meaningful connections, identify triggering events, tailor offerings, and ensure relevancy. Most important, studies show that when you practices Sales Intelligence, you’ll win two times more business! In this dynamic presentation, you will discover…

    • Web search secrets that you never thought possible for finding leads, creating lists, uncovering opportunities, and understanding decision makers.
    • Tips and tricks for using social networks and “hidden” websites as sales and competitive “intelligence agents.”
    • How to use information to make a big-time impression with any prospect, and build deeper relationships with any client.

    This interactive presentation has a huge “WOW” factor—you will be shocked at what you don’t know (but soon will). All attendees also receive complimentary access to the Know More! Center and Downloadable Toolbar, making it easy and fun to practice what you will learn.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Prospecting

    • For sales professionals but with a greater focus on creating prospect lead lists that meet specific criteria, and then a process for quickly finding information on the identified prospects to ensure relevancy during sales calls.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Relationships 

    • For account management professionals and executives who want to learn how to find information to help build deeper, more meaningful prospect and client relationships.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Referrals

    • For persons who generate a majority of their business via referrals (e.g., financial advisors) with a focus on using web resources to identify best prospects and converting them to clients.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Marketing 

    • For marketing and creative professionals who want to learn how to find information for more personalized and relevant communications.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Fundraising 

    • For non-profit development executives who want to learn the inside secrets on finding and securing potential donors and grant opportunities.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Business Planning 

    • For executives who want to learn how to effectively find information including competitive data for better business and strategic planning.


    Keynote by Speaker Sam Richter

    Know More! Job Interviews 

    • For those in career transition who want to learn how to ensure relevancy during a job interview, and how to make an incredible impression.

Interview with Sam Richter

What do people gain from your keynotes?

Attendees of my Know More! programs learn how to increase close rates by 70%+, and increase revenue from existing clients by 80%+ by ensuring relevancy in every sales call and every meeting, every time. Attendees will learn how to find information online in ways they never thought possible, and then how to use that information to identify new leads, make incredible first impressions, close more deals, and provide extreme client value.

What are your top three tips for organizations seeking to be more customer focused? 

  • Number one: Be relevant.
  • Number two: Be relevant.
  • Number three: Be relevant.

Organizations spend—in money and resources—millions of dollars perfecting what they want to say. From marketing material to sales coaches to telephone script writers, most organizations are experts in how to talk about their companies, products, and services. Yet almost no organization spends time figuring out what their prospects and clients actually want to hear, down to the personal level.

However, the sale only occurs when one marries what they want to say, with what the prospect/client actually wants to hear as it relates to the prospect’s business and personal objectives. Know More! teaches how to find the information to ensure relevancy in every sales call, and in every business meeting, every time.

What is your favorite experience you have had as a keynote speaker?

I teach how to dramatically improve sales results and although my program is highly entertaining, motivational, emotional, and even a bit scary with a huge degree of WOW!, I never expected the impact it would have on people’s lives. My favorite moments as a speaker is when I literally see how excited the audience is after they’ve experienced a Know More! program.

I have had standing ovations multiple times DURING my keynote and that is so exciting to FEEL the impact I’m having on an audience. The only feeling like that is playing in a championship sporting match; the “rush” I get from feedback like that is indescribable.

How do your life experiences influence your keynotes?

One would not think that selling and Internet searching offer life-altering experiences, but for me, they have. I can trace almost all of my business success to my ability to find information about the other person and use it to provide them value. When you connect with others in a relevant, meaningful way, your dreams can come true because others genuinely want to help you. I’ve also used the techniques I teach in very personal ways that have had profound impacts on my life, and I share those stories in my Know More! program.

How do you manage to empower and motivate people?

I make the complex simple and fun. I provide my audience the skills, resources, and tools to make finding the right information enjoyable and, even for the technology novice, easy. I get people excited about information and knowledge, and motivated to turn knowledge into action because I prove how doing so can have an immediate and dramatically positive impact on the bottom line. I share real-world case studies and personal stories that bring what I teach home in an exciting, “I can do it too” way that inspires, makes you laugh, makes you sometimes cry, makes you sometimes scared, and makes you always have an incredibly memorable program.

See keynotes with Sam Richter
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