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Sanjeev Kumar

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Mindfulness Practitioner and Author

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Sanjeev Kumar is a mindfulness new age practitioner, and he is also the author of the book, Practicing The Power Of Present Moment. His main goal is to create and raise awareness about creating and maintaining happiness to improve mental well-being to achieve healthier, happier, and more productive communities. He works with any individual, group, or organization looking for a solution for stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, etc. The goal is to improve productivity, work-life balance, positive relationships, and much more through the help of mindfulness practice as well as workshops and programs, in-person and online.

Why you should book Sanjeev Kumar for your next event:

  • Sanjeev delivers interactive, thought-provoking, and inspiring programs that promote the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to corporations, associations, education institutions, and non-profits for 15 years. 
  • He is the author of the book, Practicing The Power Of Present Moment, which teaches lessons on living an aware, mindful life filled with joy. 
  • He founded Canadian Mindfulness Research Center in 2011.

Kumar believes mindfulness, especially combined with meditation breathing techniques, reduces stress, enhancing motivation, productivity, and time management skills. With meditation, stress can be reduced, and work relationships can be improved with an effective work-life balance, enabling individuals to lead more relaxed, balanced, and joyful lives.

Sanjeev was born and raised in India. It was his deep desire to understand who we really are, what is the true purpose of our life, why we are here, and how can we align with the frequency of the Universe? It did not manifest as long as he was in India when he moved to Canada and met with an old, caucasian woman, they started living on the mountain and by the ocean, where they, for many years, were in deep meditative and silent state where they connected with sunshine, water, fresh air, rocks. They realized that only nature can help us in deep transformation because it can deprogram and decondition our mind.

Over the last 3 decades, Sanjeev has traveled extensively and worked with many people around the world. On his journey, he met with many amazing people, learned many life-enhancing lessons and had many awakening moments which he started sharing with others out of his deep desire to help people alleviate themselves out of their pain and sufferings just like the way he was once helped. People have found their life’s true purpose, inspiration, and joy in the words of Sanjeev Kumar. He published his extensive research in his Best-selling book, “Practicing The Power of Present Moment”.

His next research came when he realized that if you want to connect with existence then you have to empty all of your thoughts in order to live with Nothingness and this is the only truth of
our life because as soon as you create emptiness inside of you, a beautiful thought pops up to your brain from unknown, beyond, and empty space. This research is getting documented in his next book – “The Power of Nothingness”.

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Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Workplace Productivity – an inspiration for leaders

A workplace is always an environment of high expectations to deliver your best value and also a place which can be highly stressful. People multitask, juggle different assignments and most of all there is no time to meditate.

This workshop designed for leaders to inspire, give clear calm directions and be a real leader has been born out of leaders asking for exactly this. Breathing meditation as an important module in this workshop helps to settle useless thoughts and set the appropriate priorities at work.

The benefits of this topic: 

  • Learning how to connect with the breath
  • Applying to let go of unwanted thoughts
  • How to introspect and focus on the breathing
  • How to stop and tame a busy mind
  • How to learn to declutter the thoughts
  • Tips and techniques to be more relaxed and attain peace
Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Corporate Productivity & Enhancement

Corporate productivity enhancement features techniques and experiences to detach and disconnect from distractions and focus fully on the task at hand. A great workshop tailored for the demands of today and for everybody being stressed by a fast-paced world. Mindfulness has been approved to deliver better outcomes, increased team spirit and heightened productivity.

Participants will harvest the following benefits:

  • Learning to focus on the actual task out of the present moment
  • Detaching from useless thoughts and direct attention to the most important
  • Being able to energize and refresh themselves quickly and profoundly
  • Powerful time management
  • Increased self-esteem by gaining the feeling of contribution and being a member of a corporate vision
  • Practical tips and solutions for positive emotional wellness at the workplace
  • How to improve decision making skills and problem-solving abilities
Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Work-Life Balance

A highly requested talk in demand for companies and employees who experience more conflicts than harmony. Conflicts or arguments arise when we react to them immediately. This often results in attracting pain and suffering into our life. Core approach is to take few moments and bring awareness back to breath in order to go to our own space and then reply to them. This practice helps us to recharge our battery and improves productivity.

Many people are working from morning till evening every day without taking a break and they are completely burnout with no more positive energy is left behind. And therefore, they are not able to maintain work-life balance. After work, we can pay attention to our family members as well. Flexible hours for employee are on the top priority because it enhances their self- esteem.

Participant benefits:

  • How to connect with nature
  • Learning efficient steps to reduce and manage stress and establish happiness again
  • How to create powerful and amazing thoughts
  • How to live mindful and happy throughout the day
  • How to socialize with our friends, families etc. after work
  • How to attracts abundance in all areas of life
  • How to live in a state of deep relaxation
Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Gratitude & Happiness

Gratitude means to appreciate and accept everything with thankfulness in the form of love, kindness, & compassion. The more we can accept and allow the present moment the better we can attract happiness. Many people today are living with thoughts of worry, anxiety, and fear. So, they miss out on this beautiful present moment of awareness, and therefore they cannot find happiness. For example, if I have a small house, with a limited source of income and an entry-level job I should still appreciate and be content with it because in doing so I will attract more happiness. The happier we are, the better our productivity becomes. Oxytocin and dopamine get released when we are happy, this improves our immunity and overall productivity.

Participant benefits:

  • Learning the significance of gratitude and how to accept everything with love, kindness, and compassion.
  • Showing them how to be and live in the present moment. Help them to heighten their awareness and accept and detect happiness better.
  • Helping them to gain clarity on how to be content with the current aspects of their life situation
  • Showing and teaching them a breathing technique that can and will transform arising thoughts of stress, anger, or anxiety
  • Explaining how to absorb the maximum amount of oxygen and how to strengthen the immune system
  • Teaching them how to declutter all kinds of useless thoughts.
Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Mindfulness for a Stress-Free Life

Are you looking for a solution to experience and create a stress-free Life? Are you feeling depressed, experience anxiety kicking in quickly or have the desire to transcend anger and fear? Are you struggling to create better health, improved finances or a happier relationship? We educate people about a mindfulness practice which will gladly welcome it as a tremendous help to manage stress.

Participant benefits:

  • Learning different techniques to instantly calm the storm and stay centered and balanced in every situation
  • Acquiring the skill to make mindful breathing an automated habit
  • Introduction into a mindful meditation technique to reduce stress
  • Experience how “magical” it feels to quit useless thoughts and save yourself from the traps of clinging to the past and future
  • Being response-able in a resourceful way to stressful situations
  • Acting out of love instead out of anger and fear
  • How to stop anxiety
Keynote by Sanjeev Kumar

Meditation for Busy Life

A specially designed workshop for the increasing demand to meditate. Science has shown that certain brain areas are enhanced and the brain cortex is thicker in the brain scans of meditating people. This is a clear sign that meditating people live happier, healthier and in harmony.

These facts and the course are the answer to many requests how to stay calm in an environment that invites to be busy and exhausted. This workshop is pure medicine for hyperactive mind.

In order to live a happy, healthy and productive life, we must meditate early in the morning for 10 minutes when we wake up before we do any kind of work (Time management skills) because meditation brings us peace and raises our productivity level at the work place as well.

Participant benefits are

  • How to meditate in a busy lifestyle.
  • How to live with awareness through the day.
  • The art of witnessing thoughts without attachment.
  • How to create an essential gap between two steps and massively benefit from the new learning.
Watch speaker Sanjeev Kumar in action

Mindfulness - Create a Fragrance of Self-Love & Compassion

Watch speaker Sanjeev Kumar in action

Breathing Practice : Mindfulness Meditation

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Sanjeev Kumar is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Blessed with uncommon insight into, and an uncanny understanding of the deeper issues of life, this ‘Prophet of Truth’ utters words that have tremendous potential to heal the soul. Each time I had the privilege of interacting with him on our Video talk show, I remained simply awed by the simplicity with which he shares his wisdom on how can we can eliminate stress and anger by simply recharging our battery through a deep connection with nature. Additionally, I found quite valuable his teaching on how to feel the sensation of awareness of one’s breath at the top of the nostril, while breathing in, and breathing out. I was particularly entranced by his words on “Power of Love.” Only love can heal us, and heal others in the process. I sincerely commend the teaching of this ‘master of mindfulness’ to anyone on the genuine Path of Enlightenment.

Dr. Yomi Garnett

Royal Biographical Institute

In the nearly countless communications I had and have with Sanjeev Kumar, I always take a lot of powerful inspiration with me. It is rare, very rare these times that people walk their talks. The moment you meet Sanjeev, you know that one of these gems is here for you. He is THE expert when it comes to any topic related to mindfulness and creating a stress-free life. Always coming from a high frame of unconditional love and respect, Sanjeev and his nourishing advice uplift and inspire profoundly. If you are a CEO of a company I seriously recommend meeting him and exploring how he can increase the productivity, focus, and mindfulness of your employees. I am utterly sure that he also will add happiness to your life as the company leader based on the fact that a company can only be as great as their leader.

Dr. David John W. St Clair

Spiritual Scientist, Author, Hypnotherapist

It is a great experience to work with Sanjeev Kumar. It’s wonderful to be with him. My energy gets uplifted and I feel lighter while talking with him. The things that I’m learning from him are very, very valuable. It’s helping me to focus on higher priorities, which helps my business grow! I have learned to be in the present moment more and why this is important. This is helping me release stress, anger, worry, fear, jealousy and lust so my productivity is better. I’m getting better ideas, which are very valuable to me as a creative entrepreneur. I’m implementing what I learned from Sanjeev into the daily practice of my business. Taking breaks, getting out into nature, being mindful and breathing while being aware of the breath is very important. It’s making a difference because I feel more peaceful and I’m aware of my thoughts and I can release them instead of fighting with things that I judge as negative.

Bevan Bird, Founder

The Soul 2 Soul Connector
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