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Christian Kromme

Futurist and Technology Keynote Speaker
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Christian Kromme is an experienced tech-entrepreneur focusing on exponential technology, disruptive innovation and strategy development. He is an inspiring keynote speaker and advisor for management, board members and investors alike.

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Christian Kromme facilitates inspirational sessions and masterclasses about disruptive innovation and exponential technologies. We live in a time where exponential technological trends come together, more powerful than ever before. Of course this comes with it’s own challenges, but also provides an almost unlimited amount of opportunities. Christian shows audiences how to transform these threats into an opportunities, highlighting upcoming business technologies that are causing a big shift towards consumers and smart communities. Allowing audiences to see real world examples of how the business world is changing and how best to adapt to it.

Within his role as an advisor Christian Kromme has overseen various successful implementations of ‘disruptive’ initiatives, with a focus on integrating technology with a human element. In 2002 Christian started his own bureau where he works on innovative projects for various clients such as Phillips and Toyota. Since 2014 Christian mainly focuses on his passion: Inspiring people with his keynotes, inspiration sessions and workshops.

Christian has put his extraordinary experiences into his book ‘Humanification’. Starting with the amazing personal story of finding a cure for a little girl with a terminal diagnosis, to the seven powerful forces of innovation that are changing the world as we know it.



    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning provides the technology to revolutionise and humanise the way we interact with digital devices. More than ever we will be able to go digital while staying human at the same time.


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 

    Catch the Next wave

    How do you turn a disruptive threat into a disruptive opportunity? Can you think and act like a surfer and disrupt someone else’s business before your own business will be disrupted?


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 

    The Future of Healthcare

    Our healthcare system is about to disrupted heavily. Smart Sensors and machine learning will soon be able to do a faster and better diagnoses than a team of medical specialists.


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 

    Technology 2020 – 2025

    Discover the most important technological trends for the next five to ten years. Experience which trends will impact your industry or organisation? Are you prepared for what is coming next?


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 

    Organisations of the Future

    What will future organisations look like? Organisations that quickly adapt to the needs of their customers have the greatest chance of survival. It will be communities versus companies.


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Kromme 


    Keynote the biology behind the disruptive and exponential technological trends we see around us.  Can you recognise the wave pattern and use disruption to your advantage?

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