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Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn

travels from USA

One of the Original story creators at Pixar, creating stories and characters on the Toy Story Trilogy, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and beyond

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Keynote speaker Matthew Luhn is an accomplished storyteller, instructor, keynote speaker, and story consultant. From working on Toy Story to consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Matthew Luhn has been creating stories for over 25 years that have made people cry, laugh, and believe.

Does your brand have a story? Storytelling is a persuasive tactic that you can use to create a successful brand.

Matthew Luhn, Former Pixar Story Artist, is a writer, story consultant, creative writing instructor and keynote speaker with over 25 years’ experience creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation Studios, The Simpsons, and beyond. Our creative speaker Matthew Luhn has applied this extensive knowledge, of how to create great characters and stories, in order to teach Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs how they can craft their own stories to build stronger brands and business communication. His clients include major brands such as Adidas, Facebook, BBC, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Brothers, Apple, and Google.

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    Speaker Matthew Luhn Keynote Topics

    • Story Selling
    • Big Data and Story Telling
    • Inspiring Creativity in the Workplace
    • Becoming an Effective Leader, as Told by Pixar Heroes
    • It’s the Feel that Seals the Deal: Are Your Consumers Feelin’ it?
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Creating a feeling by speaker Matthew Luhn at TEDxUCSB

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Interview with Matthew Luhn

What do you think is the most challenging part of storytelling?
The most challenging part of storytelling is the rewriting over and over again to get your story working. This requires a lot of patience and endurance. Crafting a story is about eliminating the boring and unimportant moments in your film, pitch, or meeting to keep your message clear and concise.

Which of your keynotes is most popular/well received?
My most popular and well received keynote is Story Selling. This keynote is relevant to anyone in any industry wanting to make authentic connections with their clients, employees, and future clients.

What do you think makes a story great?
The key factors that go into making a great story are: a great hook to catch your audience’s attention, a transformational story that drives your audience to action, connecting to the right audience using data and research, authenticity to bridge the gap between business and heart through storytelling, and good story structure that delivers content with a clear set up, build, and pay off.

Who or what inspires you most?
My inspiration comes from observing life. I love to listen to people’s stories and experiences.

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?
One of my favorite experiences was speaking on storytelling in Michelangelo’s actual art studio in Rome!

Why do clients typically hire you to speak?
Storytelling is important to anyone wanting to make an authentic connection with a single person or group of people. Whoever tells the best story in entertainment and business wins.

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