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Egypt Sherrod

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Successful real estate agent, executive, and beloved tv-personality counseling buyers and companies in real estate

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What makes real estate agents successful? Speaker Egypt Sherrod ought to know - she is one! Not only that, she’s a highly sought after tv-personality. Get inspired by her lovable - but no-nonsense - talks on real estate, marketing and self-improvement.

Television and radio host, author, real estate broker, designer, life coach and coveted speaker, Egypt is a POWERHOUSE!

“Tough love with a hug,” is what HGTV & OWN fans and her personal clients have come to affectionately expect from Egypt Sherrod. She is best known as host and co-executive producer of “Married To Real Estate,” “Flipping Virgins,” “Property Virgins” and has been seen hosting OWN’s reunion specials for “Love & Marriage Huntsville,” “Put A Ring On It,” & “The Haves and The Have Nots.”Egypt and husband Mike Jackson, have also connected with married couples everywhere as they unpacked their baggage on OWN’s “Black Love Doc.” In 2022, Egypt who is a real estate broker and designer, along with her builder husband Mike, can be seen competing on Season 3 of HGTV’s flagship design and renovation show “Rock The Block.”

The multi-media maven has had a 20 year award winning radio broadcast career scoring interviews with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Prince, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese, and the late James Brown to name a few. By the age of 30, she’d been syndicated in more than 60 cities throughout the USA including major markets such as New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta, managing to win over countless listeners with her honest and magnetic delivery of sass and class. Her first book, “Keep Calm, It’s Just Real Estate” garnered her an NAACP Image award nomination, WEEN Mission Award, and Black Women In Media’s “Pioneer Award,” among being penned the top selling book in the real estate genre. In 2021, Egypt also penned “Ignite Joy: A 90 Day Alignment planner,” the book of the same name, is scheduled for release late 2022.

Egypt has 3 children, Harper, Kendall and bonus-daughter Simone with her husband of 12 years. She counts motherhood as her greatest achievement, as she says, “Honestly it’s the best job I never knew I wanted. In my circle I’m the last of the mohicans. All my friends have kids graduating from college, and I’m still having babies. But I have zero regrets on waiting until later in life. I’m settled, grounded, and can actually laugh at myself now when I make mistakes. No mother is perfect.”

The Temple University graduate is an award winning Real Estate Broker & CEO of the Atlanta based Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. She’s been chosen as one of Network Journal’s 40 Under 40, made recurring appearances as the home buyers/sellers “go-to girl” on NBC’s Today Show, CNBC, FOX, CNN and HLN. Egypt has also been featured on Forbes.com, Architectural Digest.com, Essence Magazine, People, Fast Company, Yahoo.com, Rolling Stone, Black Enterprise, and a host of other publications and digital platforms.

“We possess the power to manifest the lives we want. Where we are today is a direct reflection of seeds we’ve sewn yesterday. With that knowledge, what life shift shall we create today?”
– Egypt Sherrod

“Our self- worth cannot be attached to our net-worth. Our worth is not up for negotiation. You’ll be amazed at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.”
– Egypt Sherrod

See keynotes with Egypt Sherrod

    Real Estate Keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    7 Habits of a Highly Successful Real Estate Agent

    • Why are top real estate agents successful, and other real estate agents unsuccessful?
    • Are there certain things that successful Realtors do on a daily basis that unsuccessful Realtors do not? What time do they wake up? How much time do they spend prospecting each day?
    • The successful real estate agent has all the business they can handle (and then some!), while the unsuccessful Realtor struggles to find clients and their business up and down like a very stressful and unpleasant roller coaster.
    • Regardless what business we’re in, the small daily disciplines and habits that we do consistently over time will determine whether or not we become successful.

    Real Estate Keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    How To Sell Your Listing Every Time

    • Every home eventually sells. What remains to be seen is…By whom? And for how much?
    • It is NOT a good feeling when you have spent marketing dollars, man hours, and mental energy on selling a property, only for it to sit… and then eventually be sold by the NEXT agent.
    • Techniques that ensure YOU sell your listings every time.

    Marketing keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    Building Your Brand To Last

    • In today’s super-fast world, it can feel impossible to make your mark. We consume so much noise and messaging on a daily basis.
    • How does one stand out? Better yet, how does one thrive? The answer?
    • Instead of building your profile or building random followers, BUILD A BRAND & MAKE YOUR MARK!

    Self-improvement keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    Igniting Your GPS – GIVING, PURPOSE, & SERVICE

    • Hear from HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod on how you can find the strength, develop the knowledge, and summon up the power in you to make every day count!
    • Let live, not die. Believe in the ability to find and align with your higher purpose.
    • Find courage to color outside of the lines and to live outside of the box.
    • Give more than you take, to live in service of others, and to live with GPS… GIVING, PURPOSE, and SERVICE!!!

    Self-improvement keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    Owning Our Power!

    • Ownership doesn’t just apply to housing or businesses.
    • OWN YOUR LIFE by being intentional in thought and tongue. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Speak Life!
    • BE INTENTIONAL IN ALL THINGS. The universe believes that is what you want for your life, whether you meant it or not.
    • You’ll be successful by default! We each have the ability to be successful and write our own page in the history books. But together, we can build a legacy that will resonate to our children for generations to come!

    Self-improvement keynote by speaker Egypt Sherrod

    Lessons In Living: Vibration Over Limitation

    • This talk is about important lessons Egypt had to go through in her life which taught her that the process of going through is a necessary part of growth.
    • Learn how to be the co-creators of your own destiny, by making choices to VIBRATE beyond your current circumstances.
Speaker Egypt Sherrod

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See keynotes with Egypt Sherrod
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