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Richard Watson

Richard Watson

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Best-selling author, futurist and scenario planner focusing on helping organizations for more than the immediate future

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Keynote speaker Richard Watson is more than an author and futurist. He is also a scenario planner. This means he strives to help organizations think about and prepare for more than just the immediate future. Richard has worked with some of the world’s largest corporations and can help prepare for future trends within any industry or field.

Richard Watson – Author, futurist and scenario planner.

Our speaker Richard Watson is a London-based writer and scenario planner with a particular focus on helping organisations to think far ahead. He is the founder of nowandnext.com, a website that helps document global trends and also one of the founding members of Futures House, a specialist scenario planning consultancy.

Keynote speaker Richard Watson has written five books including: Future Files: 5 Trends for the Next 50 Years (2007); Future Minds: How the Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It (2010), The Future: 50 Ideas you Really Need to Know (2012) and Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040 (2012).

The futurist speaker Richard Watson has worked with impressive corporations, including; Arla Foods, General Electric, IBM, KPMG, London Business School, Ministry of Defence, McDonald’s and Virgin.

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Talk by Richard Watson

How to be Productive without Being Busy

If you think you’re busy, stop for a second and consider your frantic forebears. 200 years ago, 70-hour working weeks were common and there were no days off, except sometimes Sundays.

People had none of the time saving technologies and easy conveniences that we now take for granted nowadays either. So why do we think ourselves so busy all the time? Moreover, what might we have lost by filling our days with activity? Might we achieve more if we did less, did certain things more slowly, or fooled around and wasted time from time to time?

This talk aims to challenge an emerging epidemic of busyness around the world and offer people a way out from endless meetings, pointless emails, digital distractions, and
work cultures that both overwhelm and undermine us.

Talk by Richard Watson

Unleashing the Imagination: How Places Influence Perception

We have long known that different physical environments and sensory inputs (sights, sounds, smells etc) are good for our mental health. The sea, for instance, is well known to be restorative. But other physical places, spaces and even objects are good for our thinking too and can be practically used to unleash our imaginations. Walking, alongside rest, for example, has been used throughout history to stimulate original thought. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, from Aristotle and Darwin to Mozart and Einstein regularly took walks in order to think.

This talk aims to uncover the hidden art, science and intuition behind how different places influence our thinking.

    Speaker Richard Watson Keynote Topics

    • The future (big picture overviews)
    • Scenario planning
    • The future of ….(almost anything)
    • Innovation inside large organisations
    • Creativity
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