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Shola Kaye

Award-Winning Speaker, Presentation Skills Coach & Singer
Country: UK

The keynote speaker Shola Kaye is the founder of communications training company Speak Up And Shine. Shola delivers training and coaching, and has been featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and the BBC. She is a truly inspiring and unique speaker who knows how to entertain and engage with an audience.

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Speaker Shola Kaye helps individuals communicate effectively in the workplace. Having the ability, courage and confidence to share your ideas authentically means you’ll avoid those “what if” moments. A diversity of voices and opinions helps organisations become more successful. Teams become more  innovative, more creative and build better solutions.

Award-winning speaker Shola Kaye shares practical tools, easy-to-use frameworks and insightful advice. Shola also delivers keynote presentations on public speaking and networking.

She is the author of two books: the soon to be published “Speak Up On The Spot” which helps readers become more effective during meetings and high pressure situations and “How To Be A D.I.V.A At Public Speaking” which uses accessible examples from the world of entertainment to help people become more engaging and effective presenters. Shola also provides corporate training, executive and employee coaching, as well as custom online programmes.

Shola has an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, studied teacher training at Oxford University and has an advanced degree in Neuroscience. She is often called upon to speak to STEM groups on the importance of combining tech skills with excellent communication.

Shola is also an international entertainer, having performed on four continents and studied stand-up comedy. As a speaker she is humorous, energetic and one-of-a-kind. Shola’s keynotes are interactive and engaging and she customizes them to fit the exact audience and event. Shola is ready to transform your audience and help you achieve success.


Watch speaker Shola Kaye in action

    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    The Confidence to Speak Up & Succeed!

    • In this 1-hour, entertaining and interactive keynote, you will learn:
    • How to define confidence so you never undermine yourself with ‘comparison-itis’
    • 3 strategies to build your confidence
    • A variety of ways to deal with negative feedback and naysayers

    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    How To Be A D.I.V.A At Public Speaking

    • In this powerful keynote presentation you will learn how to be a Dynamic and Inspiring speaker who creates Value and is Authentic
    • This keynote is based on Shola’s highly praised book “How To Be A D.I.V.A At Public Speaking”

    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    Speak Up On The Spot

    • During this highly practical and interactive presentation, you’ll discover frameworks and strategies to help you excel during high pressure situations
    • Learn how to think on your feet and speak coherently with minimal preparation; use frameworks and structures that will enable tight, focused answers during Q&A sessions and job interviews; and hedge like a politician!
    • This presentation is useful for anyone who has to communicate under pressure, from execs and managers to those starting out in their careers
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