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Shola Kaye

Award-Winning Speaker, Presentation Skills Coach & Singer
Country: UK

The keynote speaker Shola Kaye is the founder of communications training company Speak Up And Shine. Shola delivers training and coaching, and has been featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and the BBC. She is a truly inspiring and unique speaker who knows how to entertain and engage with an audience.

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Speak Up And Shine!

Speaker Shola Kaye is on a mission to help people achieve their best selves and be confident,  courageous communicators in the workplace. Shola is also an international entertainer, having performed on four continents,  and is confident, entertaining and energetic on stage. Many years ago, however, when she was working in corporate positions in New York and London, Shola sometimes lacked the courage to speak up in meetings and it meant she wasn’t always able to show her full potential.

Shola helps individuals communicate effectively in the workplace. Having the ability, courage and confidence to be your true self means you’ll never think “what if”. This diversity of voices and ideas helps organisations become more successful. Teams become innovative, creative and build better solutions. Even if you already feel confident speaking up during a meeting or making a presentation, award-winning speaker Shola Kaye is able to help you become even better. She shares practical tools, easy-to-use frameworks and insightful advice. Shola also delivers keynote presentations on networking and entrepreneurship.

She is the author of two books: the soon to be published “Speak Up On The Spot” which helps readers become more effective during meetings and difficult situations and  “How To Be A D.I.V.A. At Public Speaking” which uses accessible examples from the world of pop music to help staff become better presenters. Speaker Shola Kaye also provides engaging and creative corporate training, executive and employee coaching, workshops and online programmes.

Shola has an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University, trained to be a teacher at Oxford University and as a speaker she is interactive, humourous and one-of-a-kind. She studied stand-up comedy and her keynote topics are unique and truly entertaining. Shola customizes her keynotes to fit the exact audience and event, and is ready to transform your audience and help you achieve success.


Watch speaker Shola Kaye in action

    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye


    • In this interactive keynote you will learn what’s needed to create an engaging, memorable presentation
    • Shola uses the secrets and tools from top-songwriters to help you connect with your audience
    • Learn how to inspire your audience through personal stories and more


    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    The Confidence to Speak Up & Succeed!

    • In this 1-hour, entertaining and interactive keynote, you will learn:
    • How to define confidence so you never undermine yourself with ‘comparison-itis’
    • 3 strategies to build your confidence
    • A variety of ways to deal with negative feedback and naysayers


    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    How To Be A D.I.V.A At Public Speaking

    • In this powerful keynote presentation you will learn how to be a Dynamic and Inspiring speaker who creates Value and is Authentic
    • This keynote is based on Shola’s highly praised book “How To Be A D.I.V.A At Public Speaking”


    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    Speak Up On The Spot (How to excel during meetings, Q&A sessions and last minute presentations)

    • In this workshop, you will learn how to best answer those difficult and tricky questions
    • Shola will go through performance strategies that will help you in high pressure moments
    • This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to encourage confident communication


    Keynote by speaker Shola Kaye

    Hello – Is It Me You’re Looking For? (The power of networking)

    • In this workshop you will learn how to become a better networker
    • Learn how to propel your career forward with networking, as well as how to prepare and select the right event
    • This workshop is suitable for warriors and wallflowers
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