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Lucy Bloom

Country: Australia

Maverick, consultant and corporate speaker Lucy Bloom lights up the stage with her thought-provoking and entertaining keynotes. She is a rule breaker, idea maker and momentum creator, bringing new insights and new thinking to businesses around the world.

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Change maker, exceptional communicator and business fixer Lucy Bloom has spent two decades leading her own advertising agency, working across a diverse range of industries. After which she ventured into the role of CEO of a brand new women’s health organization. Within two and half years she led a small team to raise $7M for a network of hospitals in Ethiopia. Not done yet, Lucy went on to transform a Cambodian children’s charity as its first CEO. She is also the creator of the world’s first childbirth education program for men. This program is run in local pubs which she franchised nationally.

As a speaker Lucy Bloom captivates audiences with her inspirational and humorous talks, delivering great business takeaways. She combines her own life experiences with her fast-paced and fun speaking style to deliver unique, educational presentations. Let her talks help you improve your business strategy and communication while inspiring more innovative thought processes

    Following are some speech topics to inspire. Lucy can also create new content to speak to the themes of your event.

    Keynote by speaker Lucy Bloom


    • Lucy Bloom will take you on a roller coaster ride of fascinating experiences and business learnings from a 20-year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer.
    • Discover how to do business differently, why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, how kindness and optimism fuel your bottom line and how ordinary people achieve the extraordinary.


    Keynote by speaker Lucy Bloom

    Making Maverick Minds

    • Discover how to train your thinking and those around you to turn ideas upside down, smash norms and do the unexpected.
    • What are the elements of a maverick idea and how do you gather momentum behind it for spectacular results?
    • Lucy Bloom will show you what it takes to think differently, gather support and launch maverick ideas that pave the way and succeed.


    Keynote by speaker Lucy Bloom


    • How do you pick yourself up from catastrophic failure? How do you take a low blow and turn it into flying high like a boss?
    • Transformation is not always planned or wanted. Failure hurts. Yet when it happens, if you embrace it, you will thrive and never look back.
    • Lucy Bloom went from award-winning leader to unemployed in one text message.
    • Learn from her experience how to harness your strengths and rethink your failures to transform, with truth and courage to fly.


    Keynote by speaker Lucy Bloom

    Killer communication

    • How do you communicate effectively, cutting through the noise?
    • In this highly customizable talk, speaker Lucy Bloom delivers insights into how you can better your communication.
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