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Sarah Abbott

HR innovator helping you achieve your potential
Country: Ireland

For over 3 decades, talent strategist and speaker Sarah Abbott has been intrigued by people, their potential and what gets in the way. She has led HR teams for Apple and impacted leadership development and HR strategies in major corporations around the world. As a leadership coach and speaker Sarah Abbott brings her authentic insights and decades of experience to provide effective and engaging keynotes.

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Sarah Abbott is the Founder of The People Practice – a coaching company that focuses on real questions with real impact. Previously, Sarah led the global executive development team at EMC, focusing on talent strategies to prepare senior Leaders for the future. Sarah spent over 10 years leading HR teams at Apple in locations across the world, always focused on leadership, culture and talent strategies.

Throughout her career, Sarah Abbott has impacted talent transformations at several major corporations. Radically changing how some of the most important HR functions are defined and executed. Sarah continues to create, stimulate and disrupt thinking, practices and tools on Leadership Development, HR and Talent Strategies.

Throughout her working life, Sarah has constantly reflected on her own identity and her relationship with failure, fear and fame. She brings her insights from her work and her personal reflections to provide well-rounded and genuine keynotes. Sarah’s energetic and forthright keynotes drive new insights and creative flow.

    Keynote by Speaker Sarah Abbott

    HR with impact

    • In a world where the world for talent is over (talent won!) and HR is still thinking about it’s identity…
    • In this keynote, Sarah explains how HR leaders can impact strategically in the VUCA world?
    • This talk on HR strategy and business partners is perfect for corporate HR leaders in any industry.


    Keynote by Speaker Sarah Abbott

    The future of work: The new world of leadership development

    • What does the future working environment mean? How does this impact how we lead?
    • What does it take to lead into the future?
    • In this keynote, speaker Sarah Abbott prepares leaders for an unforeseeable world.
    • This talk is great for leaders and corporate leadership teams looking to stay ahead of the game!


    Keynote by Speaker Sarah Abbott

    Imposter syndrome – not just for females

    • What is imposter syndrome and how does it impact you?
    • In this keynote, speaker Sarah Abbott provides actionable tips on how to manage and understand imposter syndrome.
    • Once you get past this common syndrome, you will be on track for success and a purposeful life.


    Keynote by Speaker Sarah Abbott


    • Incorporating inclusion in your organization will allow for new thinking and innovation.
    • In this keynote, Sarah illustrates why differing perspectives are key to business success.
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