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Stephanie Decker

Humanitarian & Double Amputee Hero
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Stephanie Decker makes audiences laugh and cry as she tells the story of the life-altering moment that led her to where she is today. Stephanie will help you overcome adversity and find your inner hero. Her inner hero was simply a mother who loves her kids and lost her legs to protect them.

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Out of every storm there is a rainbow.

Stephanie’s dream home literally came crashing down on her in March of 2012 when a tornado ripped through the area. As this happened, she shielded her two young children with her body. Her legs were crushed but because of her heroic actions, Stephanie’s children were – amazingly – unscathed. She lost both legs and her life was forever changed. Stephanie has become symbolic for survival and overcoming adversity. Since the accident, speaker Stephanie Decker has been featured on The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, ABC World News Tonight as “Person of the Week”, USA Today, USA Weekend, and People Magazine. Stephanie has used her story to bring awareness for the Stephanie Decker Foundation, which supports two main causes: children with prosthetics and accessibility to cutting-edge prosthetic products.

As a speaker Stephanie Decker helps audiences find their inner heroes and recognize the everyday heroes all around us. She inspires and motivates others to face their challenges bravely, making the choice to be positive and find their passion.


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