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Jim Lawless

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Change expert and the advocate of "Mission Impossible" sharing great tools for transformational change

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Experience unparalleled insights from a record-breaking freediver and CEO of Symmetry, a transformation innovator. Jim Lawless, trusted advisor to global organizations and Olympic Teams, ignites change with energy, humor, and lasting impact. His practical takeaways, validated through extreme adaptations, revolutionize mindsets. Don't miss the chance to empower your team with his wisdom.

Reasons to book Jim Lawless

  • As the #1 Global Guru Motivational Speaker, Jim Lawless inspires and empowers audiences worldwide. Your team will leave his keynote with renewed enthusiasm and a drive for success.
  • He captivates audiences with his empathetic storytelling, addressing unspoken fears surrounding change.
  • Jim’s remarkable achievements, from becoming the deepest freediver in British history to authoring ‘Taming Tigers,’ demonstrate his commitment to testing and validating his methods. Learn from real-world success.

Enter Keynote Speaker Jim Lawless, a name synonymous with transformation, motivation, and conquering the seemingly insurmountable. When you book Jim Lawless for your event, you’re not just reserving a speaker; you’re securing a beacon of inspiration and practical guidance for your organization.

Jim Lawless, a renowned motivational speaker, has a remarkable talent for translating life’s toughest challenges into actionable insights. He’s not just a CEO and transformation innovator but also the #1 Motivational Speaker outside of the US in the Global Guru rankings. Jim’s ability to resonate with audiences on a personal level is his hallmark.

Picture this: Jim Lawless shares his experiences of becoming the deepest freediver in British history within a mere 8 months or transforming himself into a televised jockey, losing 25% of his body weight in just one year. These achievements aren’t mere feats; they are proof of the very strategies he imparts.

When you book Jim Lawless, you’re enlisting a speaker who understands the intricacies of adaptation, change, and personal growth. He doesn’t just inspire change; he leads by example, demonstrating the tangible benefits of a transformed mindset and approach. Jim’s speeches resonate not only because of his remarkable journey but also because of his empathy for the unspoken fears that surround change – a universal experience in the corporate world.

So, when you’re seeking a keynote speaker who can galvanize your team, boost their motivation, and provide them with practical tools to overcome obstacles, Book Jim Lawless for your event. Transform your organization’s outlook and leave your audience with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to conquer their own metaphorical forests of challenge and change. Jim Lawless is more than a speaker; he’s your guiding light to success.

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Speaker Jim Lawless Keynote Topics

Taming Tigers

Inspiration – Mindset Shift – Bold Action – Sticky Vocabulary

An inspiring, motivating and life changing series of stories, proven approaches to personal change and profoundly simple questions to each member of the audience. All delivered with an infectious energy and humour.

Audiences leave with a simple and sticky vocabulary ensures the audience can remind colleagues of the experience during the challenges ahead. A compelling framework that has been personally tested in extreme change challenges by the man on stage and some of the world’s leading organisations.

Speaker Jim Lawless Keynote Topics

The Future of Work - The Future of Transformation

Informative – Thought Provoking – Urgent Call to Action

Certain trends accelerated so clearly in the pandemic that we can begin to see clearly what the future looks like and the pace with which we are meeting it.

Given the well-studied challenges that humans and their leaders encounter in adapting, and the proven ways of overcoming those challenges, the infrastructure, mindset and skills and leadership required to build the organisation of the future – today – become clear.

And many organisations have already begun.

Speaker Jim Lawless Keynote Topics

The Inspirational Team Leader

A New Inspirational Role – New Tools to Inspire and Change Lives

The Future of Work is a flat, fast and smart organism. Each cell needs the information, inspiration and skill to decide and respond locally – and the environment to support those decisions. That environment is, largely, the team.

Today’s Team Leader has a more profound impact on the people they lead, their success and the success of the organisation than ever before. A new set of skills is required, the skill of inspiring adaptability, mixing empowerment with accountability and support and coaching peak performance.





Watch speaker Jim Lawless in action!

Jim Lawless Showreel 2023

Watch speaker Jim Lawless in action!

Jim's Freedive to 101m for the British Record.

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