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Scott Klososky

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Thought leader, technology expert and former CEO of successful tech startup companies now speaking worldwide

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Looking for a thought leader who can bring an immediate impact? Keynote speaker Scott Klososky specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways through his speaking engagements. He has used innovation, velocity, and future vision to build his own companies and advise clients. Now he speaks worldwide to audiences of all sizes across a myriad of dynamic industries.

Scott Klososky is a former CEO of three successful tech startup companies and principal at consulting firm Future Point of View, Scott specializes in seeing beyond the horizon of how technology is changing the world.

His unique perspectives on technology, business culture, and the future allow him to travel the globe as an international speaker, consultant, and author, publishing three titles to date and working with senior execs in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to universities, nonprofits, and countless professional associations and coalitions. As a technology entrepreneur, he also continually works in the trenches of building his own companies.

See keynotes with Scott Klososky

    Keynote by Speaker Scott Klososky 

    “Digital Marketing: Helping Organizations Harness the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, and Social Relevance”

    • SocialTech is the hottest trend in technology at the moment. Leaders are trying to figure out how to harness this powerful new suite of tools. In this presentation, Scott gives a top to bottom tutorial on the best practices for implementing a SocialTech strategy with impact. It is important to note that this is not a session that teaches best practices for using LinkedIn or Facebook.
    • This is a robust keynote backed by strong graphical explanations of why SocialTech matters, and how it is changing the sales process, customer service and marketing. Areas specifically covered are subjects like online reputation management, crowdsourcing, building rivers of knowledge, and becoming industry experts.

    Keynote by Speaker Scott Klososky

    “The 2.0 Customer: A Radical Change in Buying Behavior”

    • Every organization has a constituent that they depend on to serve, or to sell to and those constituents do not behave like they did even five years ago. This is because Web 2.0 has ushered in a collection of tools and concepts that are completely redefining how we find, sell, and build relationships with customers. And the Web, mobile devices, and social technologies have combined to allow them to find products and services at the touch of a button.
    • With these technologies customers now have the power to shape the reputations of any brand or product with their online comments. This means organizations can no longer simply “sell” to customers. Instead, new connections must be made in ways that create value in their lives. Failure to do this means regardless how wonderful products or services are believed to be, brands will slowly lose out to competitors who build relationships faster and deeper.
    • In this presentation Scott uses his ongoing experiences in consulting with a broad scope of clients who are winning in the market today by using Web 2.0 tools to deliver the formulas audiences can take home right away and deploy.

    Keynote by Speaker Scott Klososky

    “Big Data and Business Intelligence: A Revolution of Insight”

    • For more than 50 years, computers have been gathering and storing data. Now is the time to focus on putting it to work. By combining the concept of aggregating many forms of data and information into a very large data warehouse (Big Data) and using Business Intelligence (BI) to do the data mining, we can now discover new trends, anomalies, and analytics. This includes the ability to move up the chain from forensic data to real time, and most importantly, to predictive analysis.
    • With the new software applications available, the ability to discover valuable insights is now available to small and medium-sized organizations. This powerful capability will soon create winners and losers in the market which means it is not an optional skill to learn! In this presentation Scott combines thought-leading concepts with the practical steps organizations must follow in order to exploit the new power of building up chain data and converting it to information, knowledge, and ultimately wise decisions.
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The Consequences for Cybersecurity Failures

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See keynotes with Scott Klososky
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