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Mary Kelly

travels from USA

Retired naval commander and leadership speaker on how to improve productivity and communication to reach overall success and goals

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Keynote speaker Mary Kelly is an internationally known leadership expert focusing on business profit growth. Mary is the CEO of Productive Leaders and the author of 11 books on business growth and leadership. Her eye-opening keynotes have helped thousands of leaders worldwide.

Why you should book speaker Mary Kelly

  • Speaker Mary Kelly has 21 years of experience as a Navy intelligence and logistics officer where she trained more than 40,000 military personnel. This has given her thorough experience with human resources, project management and leadership which she now uses in her keynotes.
  • Mary is a popular motivational leadership speaker for events and conferences. Clients love her for her positive energy and genuine interest. She keeps her audience laughing and deeply engaged even at the end of a long day.

Speaker Mary Kelly’s days as a naval intelligence officer to her role as one of today’s most influential economists, Commander/Dr. Mary C. Kelly has carved out an impressive career in leadership. Former chief of police, professor, realtor, and HR Director – Mary has spent over 25 years teaching and training more than 40,000 military and civilian personnel. Mary is now on a mission to spread her message of success with audiences worldwide, sharing with them the secrets of being a true leader in today’s workplace.

As a speaker, Mary Kelly is motivational and intensely professional. Her diverse experience and background give her the ability to relate to almost all cases and challenges. Mary has a Ph.D. in economics and global leadership strategies. She is also the author of 13 books on leadership, business growth, and successful business, and she is often featured in newspapers and magazines like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and Entrepreneur.

Mary is focused on using research, laughter, and experience to show professionals how to excel. Mary’s relatable, no-nonsense approach inspires audiences to embrace their roles, surpass their goals, and plan for the future. As mentioned, Mary, is the author of 13 books on business growth, leadership, and today’s economy. She is a speaker, coach, and trainer who has worked with hundreds of organizations and companies across the globe.

Whether it is a keynote or workshop with Mary will give you incredible insights and practical hands-on tips and tricks. Mary is known for transforming cultures and increasing productivity – leading to high-performing teams and inspirational workplaces. Mary loves being a motivational speaker, and her passion for her helping others become better leaders is admirable and truly inspiring.

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Keynote by speaker Mary Kelly

Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success

In this keynote, speaker Mary Kelly presents the common mistakes supervisors, managers and CEOs make – unknowingly. There are thousands of talks and books that tell you how to be a great leader but few draw attention to the common mistakes that are hard to avoid.

  • Mary uses real-life examples from her years of experience with management and leadership to pinpoint 7 common reasons why some leaders fail while others succeed.
  • You will understand why your employees might not be performing even though you think you’re doing everything right. You will also get tools to put together teams that align with the organizational mission. This keynote is full of action and humour that will ensure a memorable experience for everyone.
Keynote by speaker Mary Kelly

Master Your World: 10 Leadership Strategies to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication

Good leadership is the most important asset in successful business growth. They are usually the reason why some people and companies succeed or fail.

  • In this keynote, Mary presents 10 leadership strategies that will completely change how you lead your team. The audience will learn how to improve personal and professional productivity and influence their employees in a positive way.
Keynote by speaker Mary Kelly

FutureNomics for Associations – What Associations Need To Do to Be Invaluable in 2025

With an educational background in economics, Mary is the bridge between economics and leadership. This keynote provides several actionable takeaways on improving productivity to improve the bottom line.

  • This keynote is unlike something you’ve heard before and audiences absolutely love it. Mary uses her experience as a Navy intelligence officer and includes lots of funny anecdotes and personal stories.
  • This keynote is perfect for organizations and industries that value economic information that is presented in a useful and entertaining way, such as credit unions, banks, insurance companies, and medical practices.
Keynote by speaker Mary Kelly


In this keynote, you will learn how to Attract, Recruit, Mentor, Evolve and Develop the Next Generation of Leaders. By 2020, millennials will be 50% of the American workforce, and organizations have to make sure that you’re ready for the shifting workforce!

  • You will learn: 
  • How to Attract talent
  • How to Recruit the right people
  • How to Mentor and manage emerging employees
  • How to Evolve to stay relevant
  • How to Develop the next group of talent for future success.
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Speaker Mary Kelly on leadership

Watch speaker Mary Kelly in action

Leading Through Crisis, Challenge, and Change with Mary Kelly, PhD, BF

Watch speaker Mary Kelly in action

Top Secret Leadership with Mary Kelly - How to deal with and resolve conflict with teams

Watch speaker Mary Kelly in action

Mary Kelly for Pet Food Forum Noon Extra Program in Kansas City 2023

Watch speaker Mary Kelly in action

Mary Kelly's Master Your World Leadership to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication

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