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Dr. James McCabe

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Storytelling expert and published poet and author with a passion for storytelling and storysmithing

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Keynote speaker Dr. James McCabe, also known as The Story Doctor, is a published poet and author who specializes in storytelling in the corporate world. To him, storytelling has become far too simple as anyone can tell a story. This is where “storysmithing” comes in. Storysmithing goes much deeper in the art of storytelling, and will truly change the way you tell and create stories.

Dr. James McCabe challenges businesses and organizations to think out-of-the-box when it comes to corporate communication and employee engagement. The art of creating a narrative is much more useful and beneficial than many leaders think – at least if it’s done in the right way. Dr. James calls himself a business strategist with a storytelling gene which makes gives him a unique standpoint, and his work has covered the areas of technology, financial services, the media and education.

For more than two decades, Dr. James has coached and worked with corporate leaders in America and Europe to help them think and talk in narratives and creating the digital narratives of their choice. He encourages leaders and creative teams to use storytelling, or rather Storysmithing, to turn change into growth and create unforgettable experiences for any customers, audience, users and employees. Dr. James holds a Ph.D. in literature  from Oxford University, where he won The British Council Millennium Award.

Dr. James McCabe is a unique speaker in his field and his story advisory has already transformed and defined some of today’s most visible and global industry stories. The art of creating narratives is useful in terms of leadership, culture, brand, reputation and business strategy. Many organizations – whether just starting up or going through adversity and change – will experience difficulties handling and approaching these complex disciplines, but a keynote with Dr. James McCabe will help you get back on track and reach your goals.

Below are a few out of Dr. James McCabe’s many keynote topics. 

See keynotes with Dr. James McCabe

    Keynote by Speaker Dr. James McCabe

    The Seven Stories

    • This is a classic McCabe keynote, where he guides his audience through the different types of stories and how they connect to phases of corporate life.
    • Dr. James provides useful insights and rich examples will teach his audience how to move beyond persuasion into involvement.
    • This keynote is great for large mixed-discipline audiences as there is something for everyone.


    Keynote by Speaker Dr. James McCabe

    The Elements of Story

    • In this keynote, Dr. James shares the secrets of screenwriters, playwrights and others and open up for a toolkit that will change the way you create narratives!
    • Any professional communicators in PR, marketing and advertising will find this keynote interesting and educational.  


    Keynote by Speaker Dr. James McCabe

    Lead Story

    • Leadership is a complex discipline and in this keynote, Dr. James explores the art of leadership as a dramatic practice.
    • Leadership as a narrative occupation requires business executives to create meaning and navigate change through storytelling.
    • Dr. James shares examples of how to work with leadership through stories and creating a vision of shared empowerment.


    Keynote by Speaker Dr. James McCabe

    Life Story

    • Reputation is the most valuable and fragile asset of an organization. Too often public relations is associated with propaganda, but done right it can save the future of your business.
    • Dr. James will teach you how to create your life story and turn it into the most significant piece of intellectual property.


    Keynote by Speaker Dr. James McCabe

    Future Story

    • Strategy is often compared to targets and planning. However, strategy is not a what or how but a why.
    • Storytelling as a strategy can open up for a new way of thinking that everyone can follow and understand.


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Keynote topics with Dr. James McCabe