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Media Skills
Media Skills

Media Skills Speakers

Media exposure provides outstanding opportunities for executives who aspire to bring their business to the public notice and portray their work in a positive light. Nowadays, speaking with the media is not solely the responsibility of PR experts. Employees are being encouraged to communicate on a wide range of issues, including their specialisation and expertise on a specific role. The Media Skills speakers will teach your audience how to get your message across, while avoiding poor media coverage.

Teach your audiences how to develop strong communication skills and pitch key messages

  • Media skills relate to how people communicate through media, which sometimes can render a grueling task. Book a keynote and learn how to develop your communication skills in order to deliver clear and succinct messages in stressful situations. The talks will help attendees build confidence and acquire a set of skills needed to deliver successful media interviews.
  • How do you get your message across and what tactics to use in order to engage the audience? How to control the nervousness of your voice when speaking in public? How to deal with unexpected and difficult questions? Our Media Skills speakers can help you optimise these opportunities. They know how to prepare you for various situations such as speaking at a press conference, giving a recorder radio or TV interview or talking to a journalist.

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