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Connie Dieken

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Award winning Journalist

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Our keynote speaker Connie Dieken has spent many years in the world of media. She is an award winning journalist with the ability to deliver clear and compelling messages. Her skills have given her opportunities to meet and learn from successful individuals from all over the world. The lessons she has learnt have helped her develop an effective methodology which helps individuals hone and perfect the skills needed for effective leadership and success.

Think of Connie Dieken as Marshall Goldsmith in a dress. An executive coach to the world’s top brands, Connie helps transform senior leaders into superstars who are the real deal.

On stage, Connie weaves her coaching adventures with ripped–‐from–‐ the–‐headlines leadership feats and flops. With insight, energy and humor, she pinpoints why some people achieve their highest potential — and others fall short.

Before launching her firm in 2000, Connie was a five–‐time Emmy award–‐winning television anchorwoman and inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. The audio version of her bestseller, Talk Less, Say More, rocketed to #1 of all books on iTunes. Her newest book, Becoming The Real Deal, was released by Wiley in July of 2013. It focuses on how to be an influential leader through inner, verbal and outer presence.

Staying on Point to Transform Leaders into Influencers

As an award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Connie spent more than 20 years among the most influential people in the United States. During these years of hard-hitting journalism, she studied their unique patterns for success. Her company, on Point Communication LLC, brings her experience and methodology to CEOs, EVPs, and SVPs globally, making on Point a leading media and communication coaching company for top leaders and executives. Only a few years after launching her own business, Connie was named one of the “Top Ten Women Business Owners” by the National Association of Women Business Owners(NAWBO).

She has crafted a unique methodology that identifies and teaches the skills needed to hone and perfect essential leadership qualities. She guides top executives and leaders at top corporations through methods and skills which are needed to increase personal and corporate performance.

Whether it’s advising leadership through change management initiatives, communicating goals with personnel, or giving an effective presentation to thousands, Connie has been at the forefront of understanding and changing the behaviors that affect one’s ability to influence positive action.

See keynotes with Connie Dieken

    Keynote by Speaker Connie Dieken 

    How to Build Your Personal Brand, Establish Trust and Gain Lasting Influence

    Whether your audience members want to move a team to action or elevate their own careers, they need presence. But what is presence?

    Now more than ever, people are quick to judge, resist and dismiss. During this highly interactive keynote, Connie pinpoints the three most crucial presence problems that undermine person power – and guides each person to identify and solve their issues to transform into the powerfully influential leader they’re meant to be.

    Your audience will discover how to:

    • Lead others to seek their presence, trust them, and willingly follow their lead.
    • Override presence-killers such as egotism, anxiety, long-windedness and social façades
    • Be – and be recognized as – the real deal, thereby boosting their leadership capabilities

    This keynote is based on Connie’s newest bestseller, Become the Real Deal


    Keynote by Speaker Connie Dieken 

    Talk Less, Say More – Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

    Is your audience frustrated by distracted, impatient people tuning them out? Are they having trouble getting their points across in today’s time-pressed, noisy world? In this keynote, they’ll learn how to elevate their relationships forever. They’ll walk away ready to implement three powerful habits that will transform the true metric of influence – the way others respond to them. And it will never be more positive after this program.

    Your audience will discover how to:

    •  Connect with what others want and values to capture their attention
    •  Convey information with portion control so they don’t confuse others
    •  Convince anyone to reach an ideal outcome and feel good about it.

    This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Talk Less, Say More


    Keynote by Speaker Connie Dieken 

    Present To Win – Develop & Deliver Ideas that Influence

    Your audience will never approach or deliver a presentation the same way after experiencing this program. This keynote hones in on the outcome of presenting: how to influence positive decision-making. From this point forward, your attendees will place their own audiences at the center of everything they do. Connie models her strategies from the stage, so your audience gets a double dip as they discover her wildly successful approach that Fortune 100 teams have adopted as their winning presentation model.

    Your audience will discover how to:

    • Reverse-engineer messages to influence even the most demanding people
    • Simplify to amplify to fight presentation bloat
    • Present naked. (It’s not what it sounds like, but it’s wildly fun.)

    This program is adapted from Connie’s executive coaching program.


    Our Speaker Connie Dieken is the preeminent expert on influential communication and leadership. As she speaks to organizations worldwide, she customizes each talk to relevant industry challenges and corporate focuses resulting in your audience being influenced to positive action.

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