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Olivia Fox Cabane

Olivia Fox Cabane

Columnist and Leadership Expert
Country: USA

An expert in the fields of charisma, trust, influence and persuasion, keynote speaker Olivia Fox Cabane gives people the skills and the self-confidence that lead to outstanding performance. From a base of thorough behavioral science, she extracts the most practical tools for business; giving her clients techniques she originally developed for Harvard and MIT.

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High Potential Leadership Development

An expert in the fields of charisma and leadership, Olivia Fox Cabane has lectured at Stanford, Yale, Harvard, MIT and the United Nations. As a frequent keynote speaker and executive coach to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies, she helps people increase their ability to influence, persuade, and inspire others.

From a base of thorough behavioral science, Olivia extracts the most practical tools for business; giving her clients techniques she originally developed for Harvard and MIT. Her course at Berkeley’s Business School was so popular that university staff had to guard the entrance to ensure that only admitted students gained entrance.

In addition to being a regular columnist for Forbes, Olivia is often featured in media such as The New York Times, Bloomberg or BusinessWeek; and was recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal. Olivia is the author of “The Charisma Myth,” published by Penguin’s business book imprint, Portfolio. The book will be released February 16th, 2012. It has already been put on curriculum at Harvard, even ahead of publication.

Why Olivia Fox Cabane?

A recognized expert in the fields of trust, influence and persuasion, Olivia Fox Cabane gives audiences practical, immediately applicable techniques for peak performance.

    Keynote by Speaker Olivia Fox Cabane

    Charisma and Leadership: The Science of Trust, Influence and Persuasion

    • You only get one chance to make the right first impression.
    • Within a few seconds, people judge your level of intelligence, trustworthiness, and social status.
    • This happens in an instant, and yet can impact the way you’re perceived for the rest of the relationship.
    • How can you turn this to your advantage?
    • This session will cover the science of charisma; the keys to making fantastic first impressions, and the secrets to having that “Wow effect”, that “boardroom presence” to quickly establish credibility, trust, and rapport.


    Keynote by Speaker Olivia Fox Cabane

    Dealing with Difficult People: Handling big egos or difficult conversations

    • How can you get difficult people to move forward or support your ideas and initiatives?
    • This is where behavioral science comes in.
    • In this presentation, Cabane will discuss the techniques she originally developed for Harvard and MIT and will provide key insights into how to generate trust and loyalty.


    Keynote by Speaker Olivia Fox Cabane

    Shortcuts to Self Confidence: How to Dismantle the “Impostor Syndrome” and Silence the Inner Critic

    • Have you ever felt as if only half of your mind were present in a conversation; while the other half was busy beating you up?
    • Internal self-criticism is known as one of the biggest obstacles to great performance.
    • It’s often called the “silent killer” of business—so many good executives suffer from it, yet so few dare to speak about it.
    • In this paradigm-shifting session, Olivia will provide key insights and practical techniques to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.


    Keynote by Speaker Olivia Fox Cabane

    The Mental Tools for Innovation

    • Most companies have focused so far on creating the best possible culture for innovation; to have corporate environment around individual innovators.
    • This is a wonderful start— but what if inside your innovators’ heads, mental landmines are crippling their potential?
    • This presentation will expose the most common mental roadblocks to innovation; based on recent science.
    • You will also gain access to cutting-edge techniques backed by sound cognitive and behavioral science to avoid these mental traps and help your people reach their full innovation potential.


    Keynote by Speaker Olivia Fox Cabane

    Other topics include:

    • Navigating Through Uncertainty: How to better tolerate internal discomfort; difficult experiences and emotions
    • Listening Skills & Empathy: How to generate rapport, trust and loyalty
    • Personal Branding: How to position yourself as the expert in your field
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