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Amanda Gore

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Communication and performance expert using the principles of emotional intelligence to help businesses achieve good results

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For decades, keynote speaker Amanda Gore has been one of America’s and Australia’s most admired experience creating speakers. She uses the principles of emotional intelligence to effectively transform the spirit of people by changing perceptions, improving relationships, connecting people, and managing change, leadership, innovation, and team dynamics.

Helping Businesses Achieve Great Results

Amanda Gore is a communications and performance expert. She uses the science of the heart, and the principles of emotional intelligence and neuroscience, in order to help business people achieve the results they want and need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with the corporate vision and goals.

For much too long, business has been paralysed and stunted by its over analysis of data. Amanda helps you reconnect with the energy and emotional layers that truly drive performance, innovation, relationships, creativity and engagement in your personal and business and life.

Within the first few minutes, Amanda breaks down the barriers that separate people, and from that moment forward her presentations are a fun, invigorating, action packed ride towards self discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change. Through energising presentations, enhanced by decades of scientific discovery and personal experience, Amanda is able to entertain, facilitate change behaviour and move people to action.

Her programs will have people laughing and connecting. She breaks down barriers and sends attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.

Amanda believes success in business is always rooted in feelings – the way we feel about something or someone is a precursor for how we behave – and whether or not we do business with them. Our perceptions dictate our feelings, which in turn directly affect our behaviour. Until we change our perceptions, we won’t be able to change our behaviour. Amanda’s presentations are able to change perceptions. And feelings.

Amanda is the author of five books and several DVD and audio training programs. She has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, a major in psychology, and expertise in areas such as neuroscience, ergonomics, group dynamics, neurolinguistics, stress management, and emotional intelligence.

See keynotes with Amanda Gore

    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore 

    WAKE UP to What Really Matters at Work – and Home!

    How to change attitudes, behaviours and outcomes – in a heartbeat. (Part 1)

    This presentation is about changing our perceptions which transforms how we behave and feel. Full of laughter, interaction, symbols and specific strategies to improve 2 key areas of emotional intelligence – self knowledge and self management – it makes people feel good about themselves and transforms their thinking and attitudes. It talks about why joy is the next competitive advantage! They will learn to:

    • understand the importance of connection in leadership, sales, service, and relationships
    • discover how to celebrate, motivate and encourage themselves and others
    • acknowledge and recognize others
    • deal with stress and change
    • manage beliefs which determine performance
    • laugh more and rediscover joy

    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore

    WAKE UP to the Link Between Feelings and Success

    How to make others feel good – in a heartbeat. (Part 2)

    In this presentation, Amanda teaches people how to bring out the best in others and make them feel good. People always remember how you made them feel. Working with the latest science from positive psychology and epigenetics, people learn how to:

    • motivate and encourage others
    • be authentic, humble and work collaboratively
    • program themselves for excellence
    • unlock the secrets and power of non-verbal communication
    • build strong, lasting relationships and
    • have a positive spirit – not just a positive attitude

    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore

    WAKE UP to The Spirit of Leadership

    How to engage people in a heartbeat. (Part 3)

    If you want to change an organisation, you have to lead with a Change of Heart – a Change of Spirit. The spirit in which we do anything determines the outcome, whether positive or negative. People are no longer a company’s most important asset; the spirit in which they do things is! People with a positive spirit are inspired, motivated, excited about what they do, and create strong, lasting relationships. Once our hearts are engaged in what we are doing, and we see what we do as fulfilling work – not just as a job, then how we work is transformed. This purpose/spirit driven culture is the culture of the future. The new generations are demanding it, baby boomers are seeking it, and everyone wants it! This keynote radically affects the group dynamics – it breaks down barriers so that learning, networking and connection continue not only during the meeting, but for the long term. This session is full of techniques that will help leaders:

    • bring out people’s positive spirits
    • inspire them to change or handle any business challenge creatively
    • motivate them to be their best and create collaborative teams

    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore

    WAKE UP to Profitable Joy!

    How to bust stress, eradicate fear and build morale – in a heartbeat. (Part 4)

    Change and stress go hand in hand. Learning about how the brain actually can and does change (neuroplasticity); that adults learn more quickly than children; and that our brains need change to stay vibrant and alert transforms the way people perceive change. This means instead of being a stressor – change can be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and develop – and live, fully alive, longer! This is a fun session designed to:

    • address today’s tough economic climate
    • to put things into
    • perspective and
    • have people refocus on what’s important

    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore

    WAKE UP to What Makes Relationships Work – at Work

    How to bridge the gender gap in a heartbeat (Part 5)

    Yes, men and women are from different planets, but a slight shift in perception is all it takes to have them understanding, appreciating and admiring each other for unique talents. Relationships are like living breathing organisms and they need nurturing, watering and care. In this session find out what the other person wants and needs, and how to nurture. It’s very funny – and VERY useful for life and work! This session can be related to sales, customer service, negotiating, call centres, business relationships, or personal relationships and can focus on gender differences or not! Amanda teaches:

    • specific ways to communicate with the opposite sex
    • and practical tools that will help avoid conflict and build trust

    Workshops or Breakout Options:

    Any of the above keynotes can be extended or combined and made into workshops.


    Keynote by Speaker Amanda Gore

    “You Can’t Change a Customer’s Attitude, but You Can Change Yours.”

    Traditional sales courses focus on communication styles and techniques that are still important ….but everyone knows them. Teach your team the latest subtle verbal and non verbal techniques to create partnerships – not just relationships- with your clients or customers. Partnerships are the next level to aspire towards – while everyone else is just working on relationships, you can be focused on creating true long term partnerships!

    There are many secrets to enhancing rapport, connection and delivering unpalatable messages without destroying relationship as well as building ongoing loyalty with customers or clients. All relate to our ability to communicate and connect. This session explores how to find out what our clients really want , at much deeper levels than before which then allows us to serve their real needs better than our competitors – and with more flexibility, options and choices.


    Amanda has a database of stories, lessons and content that she can ‘mix and match’ to create a meaningful message that is directly relevant to the audience, meeting and corporate outcomes. All her presentations are high energy, funny, practical, use a lot of audience involvement and have serious messages presented in entertaining and memorable stories and activities. Amanda’s presentations can be unique and stand alone, or delivered in parts sequentially or over successive events. Allow 60- 90 minutes each.

Amanda Gore - video

The secret formula for joy by speaker Amanda Gore at TEDxNoosa 2014

Watch speaker Amanda Gore in action

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Interview with Amanda Gore

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

As an override, Amanda’s presentations create experiences for people. She works at a group dynamics and content level to make sure the messages are relevant and based on the newest research available as well as being presented in a way that makes the messages stick. They are entertaining, very funny, and full of interaction. They learn the things that really matter in business and life! People are 80% emotional and 20% rational. Business is all about people. Therefore in business, feelings matter!

Above all else, how we feel about ourselves determines what happens in every other aspect of our lives. Our relationships at work and home; sales performance; customer service; team contribution, productivity; conflict resolution; change management; connection adn communication with others; leadership and engagement for example.

If we are unaware of the unconscious fears that drive our patterns and habits, then we can’t really change any behaviours. If we uncover the fears that drive those behaviours, and take the steps to be joyful, everything in life changes. We are more comfortable and confident and can relate more effectively with others. We change our beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. our belief in our own abilities is a better predictor of success than any level of skill.

We also know that joy precedes success. Feeling joyful changes the way others feel around us, which is the other critical component for businesses and performance. If you reflect for a minute, customer service is really all about how people FEEL when they are buying your product or how much they trust you in making the decision to buy. If your internal customers (or team) FEEL joyful and fulfilled at work, they perform much better and serve clients more effectively. How a leader FEELS about a team member (and vice versa) determines how well they work together and what they achieve. FEELING confident in your ability to do a job transforms the whole journey and outcome. At every level of business and life, our feelings determine our behaviour and therefore performance.

So they learn how to change behaviour; how to create workplaces in which people can be the best they can be; and how to believe in themselves – and help others do it and how to bring the best out in themselves and others.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I do a brief with the client and tailor a specific presentation based on their needs. I ask them to fill out a questionnaire to give more details.

What are the important elements of strong relationships?

Listed above – how people feel about each other – trust, integrity, ethics, being discerning, respect, kindness, listening tounderstand and trying to find the good in every person and situation.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by learning and researching. I love to delve into what makes people tick and how to bring the best out in people and how to create truly joyful workplaces that allow people to excell. I love the Barry Wehmiller credo – ‘we are developing great people to do extraordinary things.’  Thats what excites me – how do we do that!

Lao Tzu said ‘when the teacher is done, the students will say ‘we have done it ourselves””. I like to think that I present new concepts in a way that people feel they already knew them and were just reminded!

How are your keynote presentations unique?

They are experiences not just presentations.  For 25 years i studied group dynamics with Michael Grinder, the master of non verbal communication and leadership so that I can pay attention to the PROCESS of connecting and working with group dynamics – not just the content. I use humour, constant audience interaction and stories to touch their hearts and inspire them to make changes in their lives.

I have been speaking for 25 years and at almost every presentation I do, someone comes up and says ‘we heard you speak 15 years ago and still remember ‘blah’ and do ‘blah’. That’s the power of the process of presenting – embedding the messages at a cellular level, so behavioural change happens relatively painlessly!

Neuroscience teaches us that people CAN change – and that they can do it in a heartbeat if you tell them a story that touches their hearts!

How do you define successful leadership?

I believe it’s 4 fold:

  • Changing peoples behaviours – by sharing stories that touch their hearts
  • Creating an environment in which people can be the best they can be – joy filled and fear free (safe)
  • Helping people believe in themselves – and feel joyful
  • Marrying those with smart strategic planning, a genuine desire to see people grow and develop, high emotional intelligence, a strong ability to engage teams and the ability to hold a vision for people.

Can you explain why change is essential in the workplace?

The global marketplace demands we are nimble and can change direction quickly to respond to changing needs. If we don’t constantly adapt and innovate we will very quickly be left behind the competition. Having a dynamic, creative, engaged and enthusiastic team requires constant monitoring and setting achievable challenges to achieve a state of ‘flow’ or flourishing.

How does humor factor into your presentations?

I use humour constantly throughout the presentations to clear away people’s resistance and open their minds for new ideas and information. While they are laughing, they lose the self consciousness and interact far more effectively.  Plus it’s much more fun for everyone!  Learning while you are laughing is another way to embed the messages.

See keynotes with Amanda Gore
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