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Erin Foster

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Erin Foster, comedic actress and producer, renowned for her entrepreneurial prowess and groundbreaking contributions to Hollywood and beyond.

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Discover Erin Foster, a dynamic force at the intersection of entertainment and entrepreneurship. Co-founder of Favorite Daughter, creator of Netflix’s Nobody Wants This, and co-host of The World’s First Podcast, Erin brings unparalleled creativity and industry insight. As a comedic actress and producer, she's reshaped television with VH1’s Barely Famous and continues to innovate through strategic partnerships with global brands. Elevate your event with Erin’s expertise in media, humor, and cultural influence.

Why you should book Erin Foster for your next event

  • Erin Foster offers unmatched creativity in developing cutting-edge media and entertainment strategies, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded market.
  • As co-founder of fashion label Favorite Daughter, Erin Foster has demonstrated her entrepreneurial acumen in building successful lifestyle brands.
  • Erin Foster’s creative vision shines through in Netflix’s series Nobody Wants This, where she serves as creator and writer, delivering impactful storytelling.

Known for her ability to dissect complex topics with humor and precision, Erin Foster is a motivational speaker sought after for her expertise in media, entrepreneurship, and cultural influence. As co-founder of Favorite Daughter and creator of Netflix’s hit series “Nobody Wants This”, Erin embodies innovation and creativity. Her journey from crafting viral content to co-producing VH1’s Barely Famous alongside Sara Foster underscores her profound understanding of storytelling and audience engagement.

Booking Erin Foster for your event means inviting a speaker who doesn’t just inspire but equips your team with actionable strategies. Her tenure as co-head of creative at Bumble and strategic advisor to disruptive startups like The Mirror showcases her strategic prowess in navigating today’s competitive landscape. Erin’s insights into building brands that resonate in the digital age empower organizations to adapt and thrive.

In her motivational speeches, Erin Foster delves into the art of leadership, harnessing humor as a tool for connection, and leveraging digital platforms to amplify brand impact. Her talks are tailored to empower teams to embrace creativity, drive innovation, and foster a culture of authenticity.

When you book Erin Foster for your event, you secure more than just a speaker—you enlist a partner committed to enhancing your organization’s vision and performance. Join leading companies who have leveraged Erin Foster’s expertise to inspire, educate, and propel teams toward achieving their fullest potential.

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Keynote by Erin Foster

Navigating Startup Challenges with Creativity and Resilience

Wondering how to inject creativity and resilience into your startup journey? Erin Foster’s keynotes provide the transformative insights you need. With a unique blend of entrepreneurial expertise and comedic flair, Erin Foster tackles the challenges head-on. She shares practical strategies honed through her ventures like Favorite Daughter and philanthropic work with Baby 2 Baby and Save the Children. Erin’s talks inspire innovative thinking and resilience, equipping you to build a brand that stands out. Discover how Erin Foster’s keynote speeches can empower your team to overcome obstacles, foster creativity, and make a meaningful impact in the entrepreneurial landscape.


  • Gain practical strategies for navigating entrepreneurship challenges.
  • Discover how to inject creativity into your startup journey.
  • Learn resilience techniques crucial for business success.
  • Explore insights from ventures like Favorite Daughter.
  • Understand the impact of philanthropic work on business ethos.
Watch Erin Foster in action!

#MoveTheDialSummit – Kris Reyes in conversation with Sara & Erin Foster

See keynotes with Erin Foster
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