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Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman

Comedian, Author & Motivational Speaker
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Katie Goodman’s charisma and confidence put people at ease while encouraging personal acceptance and growth. She is an inspiring, talented and hysterical presence. Renowned for her keynotes on how to use the tools of improv comedy in everyday life, Katie is able to present keynotes that are applicable to all industries and areas, from leadership issues to innovation in the workplace.

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“The goal isn’t to keep chaos or change from happening—because it’s all unpredictable. The goal is to practice improvising through life, so you become flexible and courageous and can handle anything.” – Katie Goodman

As an award-winning comedian, author and speaker Katie Goodman has toured internationally and been seen on Showtime, Current TV, and TruTV. Not only is she a YouTube sensation, her comedy videos having amassed over 5 million views on YouTube and Facebook, she is also a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, has contributed to O, The Oprah Magazine and has written the book Improvisation For The Spirit. As a speaker Katie Goodman has shared her message at keynotes and corporate workshops for 10 years, with diverse clients ranging from Planned Parenthood to YWCA to Inbound.
Speaker Katie Goodman was nominated for The MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant for her unique work in theatre, and has taught over 10,000 people the art of improvisational comedy and how to bring those same tools into your work and your everyday life.
With over a decade of experience running a theatre company, and an academic background in philosophy, Katie is not only an entertaining and engaging speaker, but one with a beautiful message.


Watch Katie Goodman’s showreel here:

    Speaker Katie Goodman Keynote Topics

    • Improvise and Innovate Your Way Through Change
    • Be a thought leader: Put your creativity to work
    • How to handle ANY Thing: Women stealing the show
    • Thinking outside the box but inside the budget
    • Get Lost: how to thrive in the unknown
    • Gag Your Inner Critic
    • Leadership and personal power
    • Zen-Up Your Life: Getting present, self-aware, and self-confident at work and at home
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