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Eye-opening keynotes addressing food waste and hunger


Gary Oppenheimer

travels from USA

Award-winning World Food Prize nominee with a clear mission to raise awareness of food waste and hunger

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Keynote speaker Gary Oppenheimer is an inspirational individual with a clear mission. Gary’s keynotes are extremely informative and eye-opening, and his creative and innovative mind has already inspired thousands of people to think differently and start taking action to end hunger and food waste.

Why you should book keynote speaker Gary Oppenheimer

  • We all know that food waste and world hunger are major issues but perhaps we need a little bit of a push in the right direction. Luckily, Gary is ready to do just that! As a corporation, Gary’s keynotes will inspire you to make a difference and will perhaps inspire a new CSR strategy?
  • Gary Oppenheimer has experience with starting his own initiative to feed the hungry and end food waste. He is the founder of AmpleHarvest.org which has been recognized and highlighted by no other than former First Lady Michelle Obama. In other words: He already has the solutions!

Speaker Gary Oppenheimer has won many awards for his many initiatives and acts in preventing food waste and feeding the hungry. He is a nationally recognized game changer and has participated in panel debates and even delivered two Ted Talks. Gary became a Master Gardener after buying his own home in the early 2000’s, and he quickly found a passion for gardening and growing food. Gary went on to become an environmental commissioner and director of a community garden and his interest for the environment and food waste grew.

Gary Oppenheimer founded AmpleHarvest.org after seeing the increasing hunger problem in America and seeing the amount of wasted food in people’s gardens. AmpleHarvest.org is an initiative that aims to make it easier for garden owners to donate excess harvest and thereby feed one out of six Americans. Gary has since inspired millions with his initiative and continues to believe that the smallest things can make the biggest difference. World hunger and food waste are serious issues but together we can and should make a difference. As a speaker Gary Oppenheimer is inspiring and informative. His talks are very eye-opening and audiences are left with the sensation of wanting to join the movement and make America and the world better. Below are examples of Gary’s keynote topics.

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    Keynote by speaker Gary Oppenheimer

    The Power of One – How an aging geek changed a food network

    • In this keynote, Gary provides an inspirational look at how people with ideas and passion can make changes that ripple across the world. To Gary, anything is possible – you just have to set your mind to it.

    Keynote by speaker Gary Oppenheimer

    Food Waste Costing More Than You Thought

    • This keynote deals with the topic of food waste and solutions to the problem. Half of the produce in America (including 11 billion pounds of locally grown fresh food) is never consumed. Gary will teach the audience the costs of food waste and some of the simple sustainable solutions to the problem.

    Keynote by speaker Gary Oppenheimer

    AmpleHarvest.org – No Food Left Behind

    • This is a detailed look into AmpleHarvest.org and Gary’s vision of the future. Learn more about the challenges encountered by great ideas and innovations in the non-profit realm and why we should welcome risking success.

    Keynote by speaker Gary Oppenheimer

    America’s Food Safety Net – How We Fight Hunger With One Hand Tied Behind Our Back

    • In this eye-opening keynote, Gary takes a deeper look into America’s problems with hunger. While 42 million Americans grow more food in their garden than they can use, preserve or give to friends, 50 million Americans nationwide are food insecure. A new disruptive solution enables people to reach into their backyard instead of their back pocket to help end hunger.
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Keynote topics with Gary Oppenheimer