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Zion Clark- An athlete, author, and motivational speaker without limbs.

Zion Clark

travels from USA

Who is Zion Clark? Zion is an American motivational speaker who prides himself on his athletic ability despite the obstacles. He can skateboard, play drums, and climb, to show that nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset.

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Born without limbs, Zion is the definition of what the human spirit is capable of. Of course, only a few people can walk half a mile in his shoes. As a Caudal Regression Syndrome patient, he was tossed into foster care at a tender age. This saw him switch from one home to another, but not even this could prevent him from going above and beyond what many consider humanly impossible to realise his dreams. He was bullied and even beaten up, but he never gave up. He now shares his success journey through talks. Call him a true inspiration!

Why you should book Zion Clark for your next event

  • Zion’s life journey of overcoming natural challenges and obstacles from childhood inspires audiences like no other. And let’s be realistic, if his story can’t touch you, then you’re not human.
  • His inspiring dedication to succeed in every life aspect is inspiring. He covered 20 meters on two hands to set the world record and now wants to give mixed martial arts a shot. What a courageous man he is!
  • His message of self-accountability and perseverance is one that humanity should pay attention to. He believes that you and only you can shape your destiny.

Zion Clark was born in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio. As mentioned before, his legless body was a recipe for disaster, with even the foster care system labeling him problematic and giving up on him. However, this did little to stop him from learning new skills. To escape from an abusive living environment, Zion had to pick up wrestling while in elementary school. Although this did not work out initially (especially after failing to win a single match for years), his passion for the sport did not wane even a wee bit.

Thankfully, Coach Gil Donahue recognized Zion’s passion for wrestling and decided to help him achieve his goals. For three years, Zion hit the gym like a possessed man, and his transformation was evident. In his first senior year, he finished the season 33-15. Zion would later become the first American athlete to participate in both the Paralympics and the Olympics.

Thanks to his tremendous athleticism and body strength, Zion also pursues interests in the circus arts, wheelchair bodybuilding, and powerlifting (bench press). On top of his brutal training, he keeps himself busy as a keynote speaker whose ability to inspire is only second to none. One big lesson from Zion’s talks is that things never always go smoothly in life, so people must adapt to their respective circumstances to succeed.

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The Fastest Man On Two Hands - Guinness World Records

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