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Formula 1 racing driver Timothy Needell inspires global audiences to a win.

Timothy Needell

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Timothy Needell also known as Tiff inspires listeners with entertaining tales of his glory days on the racing track. Highlighting his storybook racing career, Timothy inspires listeners to follow dreams and overcome obstacles.

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Timothy 'Tiff' Needell launched his professional racing career in 1977 as a driver with Unipart Formula Three motor racing team. By 1980, Timothy was a Grand Prix racer for Team Ensign. He leveraged his racing experience to transition to television and offered detailed vehicle reviews to millions. Since the mid-80s, Timothy has participated in a myriad of television programs, such as BBC's Top Gear series, host for Channel 5's Fifth Gear motor show, and the 2020 series, Lovecars. Sharing powerful insights from his decades-long racing and television career, Timothy inspires worldwide audiences.

Why you should book Tiff Needell for your next event

  • Tiff excites audiences with his boundless energy and thrilling tales of racing action. Offering powerful insights into winning concepts, his vehicle expertise serves as a metaphor for the race of life.
  • Entertaining millions via television throughout the years, Tiff offers a relatable and adventurous presentation about his love for racing and vehicles.
  • As a featured columnist in a variety of periodicals, Tiff has introduced race car vehicles and driving to audiences from Top Gear Magazine, Auto Express, and Autocar.

Timothy “Tiff” Needle is the one of the most popular professional racing experts on the speaking circuit. Offering entertaining and informative insights about the industry, Timothys successful driving and television career serves as the backdrop for his entertaining presentations. He was a co-presenter for Top Gear on BBC for nearly 15 years and serves as Fifth Gear television presenter since 2002. Timothy leverages his experience in racing to bring audiences information about vehicles during televised road tests.

A former structural design engineer, Timothy graduated with honors from London’s City University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He progressed from driving school to Formula Ford, where he experienced some racing successes. His winning experience in Formula Ford catapulted Timothy into Formula 3 racing. During his career, he’s participated in Formula 1 races before transitioning to a successful television career.

Providing insight into the behind-the-scenes world of high-intensity professional racing, Timothy leverages his experience to inspire audiences. His high-energy approach brings listeners practical tools for incorporating winning principles into life. Winning a racing vehicle in a magazine contest launched his career, prompting him to share how expected and unexpected experiences may change the course of an individual’s life. During his keynote presentations he incorporates lessons from his racing career and technical expertise about performance vehicles. Timothys presentations inspire audiences to a winning attitude.

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