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Formula One Consultant and diversity Expert

Claire Williams

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Claire Williams OBE is the former Deputy Team Principal of the Williams Formula One racing team.

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Explore transformation with Claire Williams, a Formula One trailblazer. From Silverstone Circuit to Deputy Team Principal, her strategic brilliance led Williams F1 to success. A champion for diversity, Claire's insights inspire leadership. Let her journey be an inspiration for transformation. Book her now for a keynote that accelerates excellence.

Why you should book Claire Williams for your next event

  • Championing Women in Motorsport: Benefit from Claire Williams’ groundbreaking achievements in promoting diversity. Book her to inspire your team with the story of her role in making Susie Wolff the first woman in F1 in decades, driving home the importance of breaking barriers.
  • Formula One Success Blueprint: Unlock the secrets of Formula One success with Claire’s firsthand experience. Adapt winning strategies from the racetrack to your boardroom, ensuring a competitive edge in your industry.
  • Motivation Redefined: Claire Williams isn’t just a speaker; she’s a motivational force. Immerse your team in a transformative experience that goes beyond inspiration, instilling a lasting drive for excellence.

In the fast-paced world of Formula One, every decision counts. Imagine applying those strategic principles to your organization. Enter Keynote Speaker Claire Williams, renowned for her transformative journey in motorsport. From a Press Officer at Silverstone Circuit to the Deputy Team Principal at Williams Formula One, Claire has navigated the complexities of a high-stakes environment with unmatched precision.

Picture this: your organization facing a crucial race for success. Now, envision Claire Williams at the helm, drawing parallels between Formula One’s dynamics and your business challenges. As a motivational speaker, Claire translates her experiences into actionable insights, guiding your team through the twists and turns of strategic decision-making.

Book Claire Williams for your event, and witness the impact of her strategic brilliance. She not only shares the exhilarating highs of leading a Formula One team but also delves into the nitty-gritty of overcoming obstacles. Claire’s keynote isn’t just a speech; it’s a roadmap for success, tailored for your organization.

Claire Williams is more than a motivational speaker; she’s a catalyst for change. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion reshaped the landscape of Formula One, breaking barriers for women in motorsport. Bring her to your event, and let her inspire a culture of innovation and equality within your organization.

Booking Claire Williams isn’t just securing a speaker; it’s investing in a transformative experience. Her strategic prowess, coupled with a passion for inclusivity, makes her keynotes a dynamic force for organizational growth. Elevate your team’s performance, drive motivation, and accelerate success—Book Claire Williams for your event and steer your organization to victory.

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Formula 1 Wisdom: Keynotes Redefining Teamwork & Success

Struggling to inspire unwavering teamwork and leadership in your organization? Ever considered the dynamic world of Formula 1 as a catalyst for transformation?

Drawing on her unparalleled experience in Formula 1, Claire unveils the secrets of motivating diverse teams and steering them toward success. Through riveting narratives and strategic insights, she transforms the challenges of the racetrack into tangible lessons for organizational excellence. Book Claire Williams now and empower your team with a Formula 1-inspired keynote that transcends sports, fostering motivation, leadership, and a winning team spirit.

Claire can speak about the following topics in her keynotes:

  • Sports
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • F1 / Formula One
Watch Claire William in action

Claire Williams reveals reasons for F1 exit ahead of final Grand Prix as a family run team

Watch Claire Williams in action

Claire Williams @ Sports Matters 2014

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